Monday, September 14, 2009

Friendship park is really AWESOME ! I want to go there again!
Friendship park. Our 9th lesson! It is a mirrow house, a small house!

on this photo behind us you can see a part of yellow Bridge!

Cincinnati monument!

And on the right sight me on Purple People Bridge!

Its Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio, our 9th lesson!

I'm so Happy, even if i'm just sitting on Motorcycle and not driving it!

I just love Motorcycles, and i was very happy when we went to Motorcycle store!

I really like skateboarding its AWESOME! And i think its very popular American sport!

Lew is very good skateboarder! He is cool teacher and skateboarder!

We had weekends we haven’t lessons. On Saturday we were at Prari’s parents house, they are very good people. And they showed us their house and Prari showed us a very beautiful place , it is her favorite place, there are a lot of trees. Its like in fairy tale. Also we were swimming, her parents have a swimming pool. I liked their home and them. It was very pleasant to meet them. On Sunday we met John’s parent. They are so good people too. I liked them. We met his brother and his sister. John’s sister is very nice girl. So he showed us their home and we watched a little movie Twilights its interesting movie, but I didn’t see it to the end. We had very great weekends. I was very glad to see their families. These two days were wonderful.
Sixth lesson.
It was our last week in Cincinnati. In the morning we met Shilla, Skoggens and their small son Salaman. Salaman is very beautiful name. we talked with them about our weekends, it was cool and unusually cause when we talked with them there were another two conversations, so we were talking and also we could heir another people, and we should focus only on our talking. It was interesting and we must get along to such talking in English language. After café we came home, at home Judy Lew’s wife, she also works in CIEE, she told us about using internet and phones. She told about CIEE policies and gave us documents to read. After it we went to MC. Donald and we had cheeseburgers. Mc Donald is a great place for eating. After lunch we went to the skateboarding park, there were not so much people, they were skateboarding. It was cool. I like skates so much. And Lew was skateboarding too. It was amazing he is a good skateboarder. Than we went to another skateboard place, there were more people than in the first place. So we were watching it and talking with each other. I’m really love skateboarding, I hope to learn skating in the future. Lew showed us some his tricks, yes he is cool. It was COOL! Righteous Dude! At home we watched movie “Transformers”. But we didn’t watch it till the end. Its good movie.
SKATEBOARDING IS AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seventh lesson!
Seventh lesson was a bit unusual, we didn’t go to our café, we were at home. We watched movie transformers till the end. Its really wonderful movie. I think it is one of my favorites movies. Is the BEST movie that I have ever seen! I want to watch second part too. After movie we went to eat lunch. We were in the big mall where were restaurants, and I ordered hamburger in Mc Donald again. After it we came back home. At home we watched movie about Mc Donald “Super size of me”. After this movie some of our pupils said that they will not eat in Mc Donald again. But I ‘ll eat in Mc Donald but seldom. If you it in Mc. Donald seldom its ok but if every day its horrible, your health can become bad. So I’ll write about all movies in the end.
Eighth lesson.
In the morning we went to our café. Lew told us how to learn word by making cards.We talked for many time, Lew told us that we must be polite, well bread and always be on time everywhere. When we come home he told us another way to learn words more easy. Write word on the card and glue it on that thing what it means, so we learnt many new words about furniture. It was good lesson. Than we went to Mc Donald and we ate healthy food, salads. But honest to say I didn’t like the salads. After lunch we went to see suburbs of city. There are a lot of beautiful houses and different shops, and we saw schools. We also went to MOTORCYCLE SHOP!!!!! There were a lot of different beautiful motorcycles, we talked with a man which work there. He told us about motorcycles and gave us sticks. It was Great shop. I like bicycles and Motorcycles very much. WOW IT was GREAT!!!!! At home we watched movie “She’s the man”. It was fun movie.
Ninth lesson.
The ninth lesson was our last lesson. It was so sad cause after day we will go to our states, its good that we’ll see our host families but we didn’t know will we see each other and Cincinnati once again. In the morning we went to our café in the last time. We talked a little and after café we went to eat pizza. We ate three kinds of pizza, it was very tasty. We ate “Crazy Pizza”, “Vegetable Pizza”, and “Olive Pizza”. I liked all Pizzas. After lunch we went to the great place in Cincinnati, to the Purple bridge. It’s a big purple bridge where people walk. From that bridge you can see the river of Cincinnati and Yellow bridge. We were walking and looking around it was such wonderful view. And when we crossed the bridge we went to the monument of famous historical man, the city Cincinnati is called in his honor. It was great monument, than we walked to friendship park. There were a lot of different flags of different countries. And we all become to looking for our flags. Salomat and me were looking for our Tajik flag. When we fond it I was so happy. It was proud for me to see my flag in foreign country. When I saw it seems to me that I’m in Tajikistan that my country is very close to America it not far. I also remembered the question of my English teacher Zebo, that what kind of reaction you will have when you will see flag of you country. And my reaction was great. I was happy! And we saw such small mirror house, we were inside of it. There were a lot of beautiful flowers. Then we sat on the grass and talked a little. We talked about our believes, and Lew is a Christian but he know a lot about other religions its very good. I think if you will know about other religions of other countries, you will understand the life of country more better. So we went back throw the bridge and went to book store. We watched books and notebooks, it was our last time in that store. After it we went to Lew’s skateboarding store. Oh! It was GREAT! There were a lot of beautiful skateboards, especially I liked two of them. Maybe in future I’ll bye them. We watched t-shirts, caps, hamlets and other things. We went home and this day was AWESOME!

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