Sunday, September 27, 2009

Homecoming decorating!

Our Juniors Hall was cool, but on photo its a bit scary!Yeah!!
Juniors AWESOME!

Junior Hall!

Thursday September 17.
Hello everybody! I want to tell you a bit about Thursday. This day at school wasn’t very difficult, it was very good like usual and we had inside/outside day, when you must wear your clothes inside or outside how you want. But I wasn’t prepared for this day. We had all our lessons and the most interesting part was evening. As I wrote it before this week was homecoming week, and Friday is a great day. So in the evening some of students came to school, because everybody were decorated different halls. Freshmen were decorated there hall, sophomores, juniors and seniors were decorated there halls. I’m a Junior and I was helping to decorate Juniors hall. It was very interesting, because in my school we never had such homecoming day and preparation, of course we have different holidays and we celebrate all holidays but we never decorated school halls like in American school. Students were doing what they want, it was fun. Each hall was great. I liked it so much, everyone was helping to ach other, we all Juniors were like a big team and other grades were another teams. And during decorating we were listening to music and Juniors were screaming that we are the best and Seniors said that they are the best but it was just for fun. But there were not all students, came only that students who wanted to help and decorate halls. We didn’t finish it till the end and I with my host sister came back home. Our Junior hall was cool. And that day I was so excited that what would be tomorrow, because I am in the first time will see homecoming ceremony, its great.

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