Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cakes preparation!

Saturday was preparation for our bake sale! We had bake sell in order to raise money for going to San Antonio. We had it for extra money, and when we will go to San Antonio we will not spend our money but we will use our money from this sell.
Me with my host mom bought products for cakes, and we made several cakes and pie for sale. I was helping to my host mom to prepare cakes. Its was very easy to make cakes, cause u should just buy the ready product and just bake it. So we finished our cakes, and I was so happy because I was still tired, honest to say majority of time on weekends I’m very tired and during the day want to sleep. And after our work, can u guess what I did , we talked a little with my host family and than the day finished. It was cakes day, I think so!

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