Monday, September 14, 2009


We had fun on our orientation meeting! IT was Cool!
Lake House, very pretty house! Exchange students from different countries!

August 15th.
On Saturday we had orientation meeting in house of host family of a girl from Ukraine. Their house are near a beautiful lake. There I met another exchange students from different countries. So we talked, we had lunch than we watched a video about CIEE, I saw it in the second time , cause I have seen it in our camp in Ohio. After video we went to swimming, it was very fun. Katerina girl from Ukraine, her host parents have different things for swimming and they have also water motorcycle. And we rode on motorcycle it was AWESOME! We had fun it was very good. After swimming we met one man he is a veterinarian. He told us about plants which produce meat, and about process of it preparation than we asked him questions. It was very interesting to know how work American plants. After it we all went to our houses, but I, Basant, Nikki and Priska, went to movie and I watched “ Time traveler wife” in the second time I liked it more. So this night I spent at Cindy’s house. The day was very interesting and exiting. And I met another very nice girls.

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