Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 15!!!!!!!!!!!

On birthday on Motprcycle ride!
I love Motorcycles, that even on my birthday cake i had a Motorcycle, COOL!

Today atschool was crasy hat day, and i had a big had which i have decorated but it was heavy, and all the time i was taking it off, but everybody liked my hat too. Lessons were good. But we had Algebra and English test, it was not so hard. But here we every week have tests, and tomorrow we have Web Mastering and English test again. But its ok, i like school. Now i really have friends and day by day my friends are increasing, its great. School is not so difficult and soon i hope it will be more easier.
School is great!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))

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  1. Hello dear Madina,
    I was redaing your blog and suddently i see you posted this entry and i think that you are sitting at computer and writing your blog. i wish i see and chat with you. Do you have any picture of you and your school? It would be nice to see you.

    with much love