Sunday, September 27, 2009


I love Homecoming!!!!!!!!
As Homecoming day was Orange Crash day, i was Orage too!

My host sister was represantative of her student councile class!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homecoming Day was Awesome! We had orange crash day! And In the evening we had Homecoming ceremony and football game. Our Homecoming ceremony was cool, i saw such ceremony in the first time in my life, it was really cool, i hope in my home school we will have such ceremonies too. So on ceremony, at first they called all represantatives of different classes, and after it everybody was excited because from 3 seniors they should to elect only one king and one queen. I was too excited because for me it was first homecoming in my life and i saw such cermonies only in movies, i was standing and thinking WOW its all real i'm not sleeping, and even i thought that what if i would study in America in my Seniors years, and i will become a homecoming queen too, it would be amazing, because it like such wonderful feelings, when you achieve something, its just amazing. I was standing i imagen it all in my mind, and suddenly when they declared A King and A Queen of our school, i like woke up from my dream, and i know that it will not happen because the next year i'll study at my school in my country. But who knowes bcause all our dreams can come true, if we just will wish it so much and try to reach our dreams and goals.

Our king and queen became very nice studnts, i'm very happy for them. It was cool, they were sitting in the car and rode around all stadium, it was very beautiful ceremony. After it we had football game, but its very pity because we lost the game, but its not so bad, i know that we will win another games, in such day it just not so interesting to be upset, you should be happy, and so i was very happy. After football we had homecoming dance. Our dance was in our school cafeteria, so the cafteria was dicorated very good, it was beautiful. We had fun , but the most important think was that we found a lot of new friends, i and other exchange students we didnt dance a lot we were sitting and talking with students from our school, so we found friends, it was very wonderful expirience!

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