Monday, September 14, 2009

First and Exited Day at My School in America!

We woke up early in the morning, in order to not be late to school. It was very interesting to go to school. My host families house is very close to school, it’s about 5 minutes by car. I was so happy, I thought WOW I’m in America, I’m American pupil. But honest to say when I saw a lot of people at school I was a little like scare, cause I thought it would be difficult to find friends, and the other thing I worry about it that I can be late to my lessons. But when lessons started I found all my classrooms without any problem and I was on time to my classes. I’m glad that our school not so big and its very easy. I was very happy. I couldn’t believe that I’m on the lessons, it was very interesting and a little strange feelings, cause pupils could talk during the lessons, and stand up if they want. Schools in Tajikistan and in America are very different. In America in different states schools start in different time, like in Palestine school started on August 24th, but I know that for example in Michigan school started on September 6th. But in my country first school day and also knowledge day is September 1st. In America students more free and independent. They wear to school what they, but in American schools they have dress code too. In Westwood school we can not wear anything very short or clothes which show a lot of body. But some of schools have uniform. As in Tajikistan in whole schools we have school uniform, white shirts, blouses and black trousers, skirts. Another difference, students talk with teachers free and they can their opinion, what they think, and teachers are more like friends with students. And in American school you go to different classes alone, and on each lesson you have different classmates. And everyday you have the same classes. And lessons start at 8 in the morning and you go home at 4 in the afternoon. Its very different. But I like it is a large experience in my life. On my first lesson our teacher told us about our lunch periods. We have 3 lunch periods at school. And I’m on the first “A” lunch. “A” lunch is first lunch and there are not so much people. First lunch period is after our 3rd lesson, lunch start at 11:03 and last till the 11:33. So in the first school day it was very, very interesting. Our teachers were saying about our supplies, what we need for lessons and we got different papers from teachers which were about classes and lessons. We also got our student handbooks, and we mustn’t loose them. During the lessons our school principle called at first seniors after seniors he called all juniors and juniors went to the cafeteria. There Mr. McLain and other teacher told us about school rules, about dress code, school laws, lockers and than we went to our classes. My first lesson was Personal and Family Development (PFD), my PFD teacher is Mrs. Miller. She told us about our lunch periods and explained what we will do on PFD lessons, in the first time we will learn about people, than we will learn how to cook different food and in the second semester we’ll make clothes. So I liked it, because I want to learn how to cook American food, and I like make clothes its interesting. Mrs. Miller asked me about my country, she is very interested in foreign countries. After first lesson I went to physics, cause on my schedule was 2nd period physics, but it was mistake and school councilor put me on art lesson, but It was just a small mistake. And on art lesson our teacher is Mr. Bolestridge, but he said that we can call him just Mr. B. I like drawing very much and I’m glad that I have art. And when I had art lesson our principle called all juniors. Than I had physics, my physics teacher is Couch French, physics is interesting subject, I hope I’ll have not bad grades on physics. Than I had lunch, it was the first lunch it was very unusual, cause I never have had such lunch in my school. I liked lunch it was good. Than my 4th lesson was English 3, Mrs. Carroll is my teacher. And than I had U.S. History, Mrs. Pell is history teacher. We got very big History books. It is heavy, but it has very nice pictures and its good book. After history I had Web Mastering, teacher Couch Norton, we have internet connection and we will learn how to make web sites. But in the first day I couldn’t open computer cause my name is not in school system, and couch Norton said that soon I’ll be in school system. The last lesson was Algebra 2, our teacher Mrs. Ferrell, I like algebra. So the day was very good, and I talked with many people, honest to say I didn’t accept that in the first day at school I’ll talk with anybody, but our school is very good we have very good students they are very nice and friendly, and students were asking me about my country, it was interesting to talk with pupils at school. I liked school and all teachers. Our teacher are very kind and nice, they always can help you. And if you didn’t understand you can ask or come to that teacher after lessons or early in the morning before of lessons start. And teachers are very good. I liked school so much. It was AWESOME! GREAT! I’m in American school, and I’m a Junior, my dream came true, I’m happy. School is really cool.

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