Monday, September 14, 2009

The Last Day in OHIO!

Its me i liked Kona Ice, it was good!
Church was very good, and all people was amazing!


The 10th day as the last day in Cincinnati. Honest to say I was very sad when I recognized, that it’s the end, the last day. Tomorrow we will go to our states and maybe we will not see each other after year, and I’ll not see my host temporary family, our cool, good teacher Lew and all other people whom I met in Cincinnati, they were really kind and good. Sometimes we all together with our temporary families gathered together and had dinner. We had good time together.
So in the morning we went to Lew’s house and than have gone to one place it was near a church, there we met many people from that church and we met a woman, she works in CIEE. In that day they had like a community service, they called people from the road who was passing by, to come and to eat what they wanted. So there everybody could come and eat anything, they are very nice people. And in my state if there will be such churches I want to take part in such community service and help to people, I think its very good deed to help people. After it we went to the best place in whole state. We went to the KINGS ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes its AWESOME, WONDERFUL. GREAT, COOL PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s a MAGIK place!
We had a special E-Tickets for Kings Island. When we came in it is so big like one city from a fairy tale. There were a lot, a lot of people. So at first I saw a big high tower, it is a small Eiffel Tower, it is a small copy of real Eiffel tower but its really huge. So we went to the rollercoaster. It was in the first time in my life, it was so exiting, because I didn’t know how its to be on rollercoaster. The first rollercoaster was DIAMONDBACK . We were standing in the long line, there were many people who wanted to go there. So we were waiting for our turn. When I saw that people are screaming on the rollercoaster, I was wonder, that why they are screaming its cool you should laugh and be happy, its cool. And when we sat on Rollercoaster, at the first time when it become to go slow, I dint feel scary, but when it become go down, OH MY GOD! IT WAS GREAT BUT REALLY SCARRY! Because it was going so fast and it seemed to me that I will fall down. And my ears closed I couldn’t hear anything, than I began to scream and my ears opened, I was screaming all the way. I think when you are screaming it more better and interesting you will not be so scare. After that one I recognized why everybody are screaming.
Than we went to another one to the BEAST! It was a little smaller than first rollercoaster, but all the time it was going upside down. I thought that I’ll go down, but in this time I was screaming that I’m happy! I screamed : “ Yes its COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Than we went to watch movie about SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANS! We had a special glasses, when you watch movie with that glasses it seems that you are in that movie inside and everything is real. And all the time our seats were moving. I liked it. We also were on the WHITE WATER CANYON!!! You are sitting in the round boats and when you are going in the river from all the sides water is coming and coming, so when you go out fro the boats you are very wet. We had lunch and continued. We went to the horses it wasn’t scary it’s like for children but it so good. Then we were on THE RACER! To the ADVANTURE EXPRESS! FIREHAWK!! And we were on the VIKING FURY it is a big ship which is swinging, it’s a little scary. After it we went to walk in different shops and we also go up on the top of EIFFEL TOWER by elevator!!!!!!!! It was cool we saw everything from the top. So when it become evening, and it was dark we went to the DIAMONDBACK once again. Yeah its scary and cool. But in the night it is more interesting and not so scary. In the second time I was sitting on the second place and I saw everything how we were going down and up, but it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LIKED IT MORE!!!!!!!!!!
So it was the best, best day in Cincinnati. At 10 o‘clock we watched fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The EIFFEL TOWER was with different colors, it was AWESOME!AMAZING! WONDERFUL! I want to go there once again! Then we came back home. We were very tired, but we didn’t sleep for long time. Prari and John made for us very nice presents. I like it so much.
If you never were on rollercoaster you should try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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