Monday, September 14, 2009

Just simple days before school!

On the next day Wednesday, we were in Mexican restaurant and I liked Mexican food. And also we ate ice-cream with bananas it was tasty. We were in one small but very good shop and bought there t-shirts. And I was In church with my host mother and their I met different people and they asked me about my country, t was good but we didn’t stay there very long we came back home.
Friday, August 21st .
On August 21st I met one another exchange girl from Slovakia, her name is Ivana. She is staying with Katie. And she will study at Westwood high school too. So in Westwood High School there will be 4 foreign exchange students. I feel myself very good in Texas. I got along with my host family from the first day, they are very nice. Of course I miss my family, my friends and my country a little but its ok, cause all people can miss their families when they are far. But I like Texas its great. And I haven’t homesick, I think its good, cause I’m adjusting more faster.
Sunday, August 23rd.
This days were very good and fun. We were at Katie’s house and Katie with Ivana were at our house. And On Sunday it was a day before of school. I wasn’t afraid, I was so exited, cause I wanted to know what kind of lessons I’ll have, how teachers teach students, how it is to be in American school. I was waiting Monday very much. And I couldn’t believe that I’m in America and I’m really will go to school it’s COOL!

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