Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rollercoasters Again!!!!

I hope to go to Six Flags again, i just love Rollercoasters!

Six Flags its YEAH COOL!!!!!

ROLLERCOASTERS AGAIN!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
On Saturday I woke up early and my host mom drove me to Cindy’s house. And in the morning we went to Arlington to the Rollercoaster Park “ Six Flags!”.
We went with Cindy, her daughters and her two foreign exchange students. It took about 2 hours to go to Six Flags by car. Its like Kings Island, and it also have the Eiffel tower like in Kings Island. I think Six Flags and Kings Island have a lot of similarities. I liked this park very much. We rode different Rollercoaster’s, in the end we went to the Highest one, at first I thought its very scary, but I was excited, and it wasn’t so scary I think in Kings Island the Diamond Back was more scary, but I like all rollercoaster’s, its amazing place, and I love it so much. On October we will go there again, and its awesome In the next time I want to ride on more rollercoaster’s. But its hard to ride on all of them, cause the lines very long and you waiting for your turn about hour or more, it depends on line of people. The weather was hot, and it was great.
On Rollercoaster’s its amazing feelings, its scary, interesting, cool, and exciting, and sometimes you think no I’m not so crazy to ride on this high one, but at the same time oh my God its amazing, its my opinion. ITS JUST AWESOME PLACE AMONG ALL ATRACTION PARKS!!!!!!!!


Me and my sister, we were band "KISS"
On the right photo is "KISS" and Hannah Montannah(my little host sister!)!

This Friday we had Punk Rock Day! In the night on Thursday we were preparing for Punk Rock Day! And on Friday it was really GREAT. Everybody liked our costumes. I with my sister, were a rock band kiss. When we came to school everybody were looking and saying that its good. During all classes, teachers liked it too. Before of Pep Rely all seniors and juniors went to the cafeteria and they said that if we want to help we should sell raffle tickets, that tickets were 1 per dollar and the price which anybody will get is $100 gift card. Who wanted to be volunteers they got 20 tickets and I also wanted to help, I like volunteer work. And these money is for Junior Classes. Our Pep Rely was after our 4th period, it was cool, every Friday we have Pep Rely and I always like it, cause its great. And my sister Cheyenne she was winner among the Juniors I was glad for her, she really was great. After school we went home took everything what we need and came back to school, cause on this Friday we played in other town. As casual we went there by bus. We were listening music and I was sleeping a bit.
When we came to the stadium of that school, it was amazing stadium, yes its more beautiful than our one, but Demetra said that on the next year our school will have such beautiful stadium, but its so pity that I’ll not see that stadium, cause the next year I’ll study at my school in my country.
So in this time I watched all game I was so happy. The weather was perfect. But another problem n stadium is bugs a lot of bugs in the end of game, only these small awful creatures made me a little angry. Because when you are sitting they fall down on you, its not so good. And on Friday that school with which we had football game, they had Homecoming Ceremony, I thought that all school have Homecoming in one time, but I was mistaken, each school have Homecoming in Different time.
The game was very good, our team won the game, its very good. The game before we lost but this game they won. And we came back home very happy. I was also glad that the weather was good. So this Friday game was cool.

Fifth Week!

My fifth week at school!
This week was good, but we had tests again, we have test every week, its usual thing. Now I totally feel like at my own school, I like Westwood High School, its very nice school, and I got along to this school very fast. But sometimes on lessons I still confusing, but not so often, I think soon I won’t be confused. And I’ll go to three extra clubs at school: Drama club, Interact and UIL. Drama club, we will make different role plays at school, Interact club we will do different community service, and UIL its like speech and debates club, I think all these clubs will help me find more friends and learn English more better. But later when my English will become good I’ll go to any other clubs too. Its very interesting to go to different clubs and be active. It’s a big experience, cause in schools in my country we have no so much extra clubs at school, like here.

Bake Sale!

Bake sale! Sunday!
In the morning we went to Wal-Mart cause we had bake in Wal-Mart. The day was very good, sunny weather, blue skies and just hot weather, I like hot weather.
When all exchange students came we organized our tables, the tables were full of different cakes, cookies, there were everything, even if it wouldn’t be a sale I’d eat it all, cause I like cookies(I’m just kidding, if I’ll it too much cookies I will burst like a balloon). So we started our sale. At first it was not so good, cause we were just saying, that buy cookies, it wasn’t interesting. But a bit later it began, started real sale. We were saying, that We are foreign exchange students and want to raise money for San Antonio, people were interested In our countries, and we were telling a bit where are w from, it was like a small presentation of our countries. I had our national hat, and majority of people liked it. Everybody was buying everything but some of people was just giving us money for fundraising. So it was very easy, but we had a lot of cookies and we sat until evening. To the end of the sale, I was like a parrot, cause one phrase was in my head: Hello we are foreign exchange students, we’re raising money for San Antonio, would you like to buy some cookies. I thought that this phrase will stay In my head for a week, but it didn’t. So when it was evening we made our prices a bit less, in order to sell the last several cookies. And we did it. We sold everything. It was great job. But we were tired. When we had sale I was talking all the time but in the end I had pain in my back not in my mouth, I could continue my talking, its strange why I hadn’t mouth ache, but its good I don’t want to have mouth ache. In the evening w all together , happy and tired, came to Cindy’s house, cause a girl from Germany she had birthday, we talked a bit, ate sponge bob cake, she likes sponge bob very much. We congratulated her and at night Cindy brought me home. It was very interesting day, and it was American experience, cool.
We raised many money, that we even have extra money for going to Austin. I’m very glad that we had such awesome day! At night I did my homework and that’s all.
It was fun but, my back wasn’t so fun, the main thing we liked it!

Cakes preparation!

Saturday was preparation for our bake sale! We had bake sell in order to raise money for going to San Antonio. We had it for extra money, and when we will go to San Antonio we will not spend our money but we will use our money from this sell.
Me with my host mom bought products for cakes, and we made several cakes and pie for sale. I was helping to my host mom to prepare cakes. Its was very easy to make cakes, cause u should just buy the ready product and just bake it. So we finished our cakes, and I was so happy because I was still tired, honest to say majority of time on weekends I’m very tired and during the day want to sleep. And after our work, can u guess what I did , we talked a little with my host family and than the day finished. It was cakes day, I think so!


I love Homecoming!!!!!!!!
As Homecoming day was Orange Crash day, i was Orage too!

My host sister was represantative of her student councile class!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homecoming Day was Awesome! We had orange crash day! And In the evening we had Homecoming ceremony and football game. Our Homecoming ceremony was cool, i saw such ceremony in the first time in my life, it was really cool, i hope in my home school we will have such ceremonies too. So on ceremony, at first they called all represantatives of different classes, and after it everybody was excited because from 3 seniors they should to elect only one king and one queen. I was too excited because for me it was first homecoming in my life and i saw such cermonies only in movies, i was standing and thinking WOW its all real i'm not sleeping, and even i thought that what if i would study in America in my Seniors years, and i will become a homecoming queen too, it would be amazing, because it like such wonderful feelings, when you achieve something, its just amazing. I was standing i imagen it all in my mind, and suddenly when they declared A King and A Queen of our school, i like woke up from my dream, and i know that it will not happen because the next year i'll study at my school in my country. But who knowes bcause all our dreams can come true, if we just will wish it so much and try to reach our dreams and goals.

Our king and queen became very nice studnts, i'm very happy for them. It was cool, they were sitting in the car and rode around all stadium, it was very beautiful ceremony. After it we had football game, but its very pity because we lost the game, but its not so bad, i know that we will win another games, in such day it just not so interesting to be upset, you should be happy, and so i was very happy. After football we had homecoming dance. Our dance was in our school cafeteria, so the cafteria was dicorated very good, it was beautiful. We had fun , but the most important think was that we found a lot of new friends, i and other exchange students we didnt dance a lot we were sitting and talking with students from our school, so we found friends, it was very wonderful expirience!

Homecoming decorating!

Our Juniors Hall was cool, but on photo its a bit scary!Yeah!!
Juniors AWESOME!

Junior Hall!

Thursday September 17.
Hello everybody! I want to tell you a bit about Thursday. This day at school wasn’t very difficult, it was very good like usual and we had inside/outside day, when you must wear your clothes inside or outside how you want. But I wasn’t prepared for this day. We had all our lessons and the most interesting part was evening. As I wrote it before this week was homecoming week, and Friday is a great day. So in the evening some of students came to school, because everybody were decorated different halls. Freshmen were decorated there hall, sophomores, juniors and seniors were decorated there halls. I’m a Junior and I was helping to decorate Juniors hall. It was very interesting, because in my school we never had such homecoming day and preparation, of course we have different holidays and we celebrate all holidays but we never decorated school halls like in American school. Students were doing what they want, it was fun. Each hall was great. I liked it so much, everyone was helping to ach other, we all Juniors were like a big team and other grades were another teams. And during decorating we were listening to music and Juniors were screaming that we are the best and Seniors said that they are the best but it was just for fun. But there were not all students, came only that students who wanted to help and decorate halls. We didn’t finish it till the end and I with my host sister came back home. Our Junior hall was cool. And that day I was so excited that what would be tomorrow, because I am in the first time will see homecoming ceremony, its great.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My art lessons!

My art lessons in America not so different from my lessons in my native town. Pupils do the same thing, at first we drew easy picture than we drew a little difficult picture, but honest to say for me its not so difficult, because i have Art 1, its a beginning in High school. When you choose Art you will have art 1 because you must, if you wasnt in art1 before. I like drawing very much and i like Art 1. i think its good i can improve my drawing skills more better. And other thing that Mr. B he explain and help us if we ask him he is very nice, and here in America we draw everyday and because of it students began to draw more difficult and dfficult pictures. But in my town you should draw at the first weeks easy pictures. But here on the next week Mr. B showed us how to draw by graphs, and i know howto draw so. And in America students more independence and they can say their openions. i think i'm doing good on Art 1 lessons. And Mr. B said that he will give me another pictures to improve my drawing and learn anything new, cause i showed my pictures which i drew in Tajikistan and he liked it.
My English lessons different, because i'm junior, we always have Vocabulary, we look for defenitions and than we have a test Synonims and Antonyms, on the other day we have test to complete sentences. Its a little confuzsing, because some of words are new and its a bit difficult. But now i think i'm getting along to our tests and it seams not so hard, i try to do my best on tests. Also on English we have American Literature, our first topic was about Puritanism, about First American people which came to America. And now i know that Pilgrims were Puritanists befor of arriving to America. i'll write about this story later.
After it we read about their style of life, and i can say that they were not so wonderfull people. Now we are reading another long story, aso about Puritanists "The Crucible!". Its very interesting and of course difficult. On Tuesday we had test about first Act. And everyday our teacher Mrs. Carroll read it to us and we write notes the main things from the story. English is interesting and later i'll write a short retell about these stories!

September 15!!!!!!!!!!!

On birthday on Motprcycle ride!
I love Motorcycles, that even on my birthday cake i had a Motorcycle, COOL!

Today atschool was crasy hat day, and i had a big had which i have decorated but it was heavy, and all the time i was taking it off, but everybody liked my hat too. Lessons were good. But we had Algebra and English test, it was not so hard. But here we every week have tests, and tomorrow we have Web Mastering and English test again. But its ok, i like school. Now i really have friends and day by day my friends are increasing, its great. School is not so difficult and soon i hope it will be more easier.
School is great!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My fourth week at school!

Crazy ht day!
Crazy socks day, its my socks!

me and my host sister Cheyenne, crazy hair Day!

This week began perfect. On Monday we had crazy socks day. Yes some people will thing that why we have such days, i can explane you, because our school is awesome. And every week we had such crazy days just on Fridays but this week is unussual.
This is homecoming week, its really great week. On friday we will have crazy orange crash, and in the evening we will go to Football homecoming game, it should be the best game among all these weeks and efter game there would be homecoming dance. So on homecoming day our school will represent our homecoming kings and queens. I'm waiting for it so much i'm so exited, about Friday. So another thing on Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day and my birthday. YEAh! The day was wonderfull, cause i created very crazy hairstyle and at school everybody liked it very much. All people around were saying that i have cool hair. I was happy. And in my school every day our principle congratulate pupils with their Birthday by our school radio, and he congratulated me, too. Than on my first lesson my classmates sang me a Happy Birthday song, i liked it, it was so good. During whole day everybody was looking on my hair asking me about it, touvhing my hair, it was fun. I was popular. In the evening we were at home with my host family and my friends. I got many cool presents. And i rode on the bike with uncle Tonny. He is Cheyenne's uncle and he drive motorcycle for 25 years. It was cool, i like motorcycles so much. So the day was AWESOME!
I'm happy to be in America and honest to say i don't believe that its America, i think that i can get to Tajikistan by car that its across the road. But on my birthday i understood that yes its really far, because on my birthday my native family and my friends were not with me, but my new friends and host family were near. Of course i missed everybody on this day a little, but it was great day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Third week!

Our football field, preparation for football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
our drill team!

The third week.
Monday September 7th was day off because it was Labor Day. And we went to school on Tuesday. The third week wasn’t difficult, it was more easier than other weeks, we also had tests and I passed but of course it is not high grades, but the main thing that I passed. On U.S. History we have a project “ Time Line”, and the last day of project is September 15th. And on September 10th was Cheyenne’s birthday. This week at school was good. Now I think I have friends, and I think that I’ll find friends week by week and soon I’ll have a lot of friends. And on the next week I’m going to go to another clubs too. In interact club soon we will start community service.
On Friday September 11th we had cowboy day, it was cool, we had Pep Rary in the Afternoon, but usually we had it on the second lesson. So this Friday we stayed after school because at4 o’clock we went to another city by bus for football game. This Friday we played not at home. The weather was rainy and it was difficult to play. Our school band didn’t play any music because of rain, but our school won again. It is really amazing that we won. We went to that city maybe it took more than one hour.

Second week at school!

At school after football game, we are happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Our school won the game!!!!!!!!!

It was very fun, i like American school!

The second week.
The second week at school, its still difficult a little’ because we have home work from different classes and sometimes I becoming confusing because I don’t know which lesson to do first. I’m making my homework and it is mix in my head. But I think soon it would be easy. I think that Westwood High school is the best school in whole Palestine, is the best school. On this week we had a project on our Art1 lesson, I like Art, this week we also had tests, it seams that we always have tests. And we always learn anything new and than we have test again. Now at school I got along more better, and I have friends not so much but, I find friends. And on this week I went to Interact club, its Mrs. Pell’s club. Interact club they make different community services, and I like community service and now I’m a member of interact club. So I want to go to another clubs too, I want to be active, but now I didn’t go to any other club but I will immediately. Our lessons sometimes becoming difficult but most of the time t not so hard, and teachers always help, sometimes I ask my teacher after lessons, they explain and than its more easy to understand. This Friday September 4th we had Pep Raly again like in the first week. But this Friday was 50’s day, and among the juniors I was winner and I got school t-shirt, it was cool. In the evening we had game with another school, and in this time our school was perfect winner, cause we won on many points, it was great. During the game I was standing up when our school was making goals and I was so happy.
Weekends were like usually. I was resting because during whole week I was tired very much and I needed to rest. So to weekends I was resting.
We were jumping like kids, it was amazing, i like to be like a child, its fun!
It was very nice weekend!

Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday we went to Cindy’s house, because it was birthday if her daughter Brianna, at Cindy’s house I met Nurtach girl from Turkmenistan and Priska from Indonasia. We had fun it was cool. I was very glad to see them. In the evening we went to Wal-Mart. And at night I was with Ivana at Katie’s house and Katie was with Cheyenne at my host family’s house. On Sunday we went to Cindy’s house I checked my mail, and it was our first school weekends, and it usual days.

First week at school! And Football game!

Its me a Westwood Panther!
First football Game i was very excited!

First week.
First week is sure, a little difficult, because sometimes on the lessons I didn’t understand something but I always ask my teachers and they help me. In the first maybe two or three days I was going to my classes I looked on my schedule, in order to not lost way or be confused. So in the end of week I become to remember my classes and I went to my lessons without my schedule. In the first week teachers help because it is just first week, but we had several tests during the week. On English lessons we had vocabulary work and we always will have new vocabulary, it’s a bit hard, because I use only English vocabulary, I have my Russian vocabulary but I want to get along to English voc. faster. We had tests and passed all our testes. And in the first week I talked with many people, as I wrote it before our students at our school very nice but I haven’t friends yet, hope soon I’ll have friends among American too. I have friends they are foreign exchange students.
So Friday was great, we had twins day. Majority of pupils they were like twins, they wore the same clothes. And after 1st lesson we had Pep Raly. Pep Raly is a preparation for football game. On Pep Raly all students go to the gym, gill team and cheerleaders show their dances, school band play their music, then we greet our football team, and Mr. McLain called names of students from each grade who was the best twins, and the winners got school t-shirts. After it they played in one game, they made race with the band legs to each other. After it teachers were asking us that do we ready to football game and everybody screaming, that they are ready, but honest to say I haven’t very loud voice. Then from football team, cheerleaders and gill team , students asked the first freshmen to scream if they are ready, after freshmen sophomores were screaming than juniors and in the end seniors. After it we all together sing a school song. After pep Raly we came back to our second lessons, I liked Pep Raly, it is very fun. Another thing that I like at school, every day in the first lesson our principle talk by radio to say pledge to the United States of America, after it we were saying pledge to the flag of Texas, after it we have a minute of silence, we had it every day. It is like a tradition at school, I like It, its shows that American people really patriots of their country and its good. I think I got along to our school its Great.
And on Friday August 28th was perfect day, because in the evening we had football game, I watched real American football in the first in my life and I liked it so much, and now I understand football game. We will go to all football game without tickets, because we are escorts of gill team, we help to carry their bags and we help them. We always wear our grey panther t-shirts because we are escorts. Football game was AWESOME!!! And it was first football game. But it is so pity because our school football team lost only on one point it was 26-27. But I think that our football team is wonderful, they play football good, and we lost just on 1 point its nothing. In the next time we will be winners.

My Schedule! Its very different!

After school we went to Wal-Mart to bye all school supplies. We have different supplies, its interesting. So I’m happy the first day at school was GREAT!
My schedule:
Room: Class: Course Description: Teacher:
1 01 Personal and Family Development Miller
31 02 Art 1 D Bolestridge
21 03 Physics French
18 04 English 3 S Carroll
26 05 U.S. History Pell
22 06 Web Mastering Norton
3 07 Algebra 2 N Ferrell.

And at first day at school I was using my schedule cause I didn’t know where is my classes, and I was looking on my schedule. My locker is # 445, and it is very is to remember, and I think my locker is in a good place. It is close to first and last lessons.
It is very comfortable place.

First and Exited Day at My School in America!

We woke up early in the morning, in order to not be late to school. It was very interesting to go to school. My host families house is very close to school, it’s about 5 minutes by car. I was so happy, I thought WOW I’m in America, I’m American pupil. But honest to say when I saw a lot of people at school I was a little like scare, cause I thought it would be difficult to find friends, and the other thing I worry about it that I can be late to my lessons. But when lessons started I found all my classrooms without any problem and I was on time to my classes. I’m glad that our school not so big and its very easy. I was very happy. I couldn’t believe that I’m on the lessons, it was very interesting and a little strange feelings, cause pupils could talk during the lessons, and stand up if they want. Schools in Tajikistan and in America are very different. In America in different states schools start in different time, like in Palestine school started on August 24th, but I know that for example in Michigan school started on September 6th. But in my country first school day and also knowledge day is September 1st. In America students more free and independent. They wear to school what they, but in American schools they have dress code too. In Westwood school we can not wear anything very short or clothes which show a lot of body. But some of schools have uniform. As in Tajikistan in whole schools we have school uniform, white shirts, blouses and black trousers, skirts. Another difference, students talk with teachers free and they can their opinion, what they think, and teachers are more like friends with students. And in American school you go to different classes alone, and on each lesson you have different classmates. And everyday you have the same classes. And lessons start at 8 in the morning and you go home at 4 in the afternoon. Its very different. But I like it is a large experience in my life. On my first lesson our teacher told us about our lunch periods. We have 3 lunch periods at school. And I’m on the first “A” lunch. “A” lunch is first lunch and there are not so much people. First lunch period is after our 3rd lesson, lunch start at 11:03 and last till the 11:33. So in the first school day it was very, very interesting. Our teachers were saying about our supplies, what we need for lessons and we got different papers from teachers which were about classes and lessons. We also got our student handbooks, and we mustn’t loose them. During the lessons our school principle called at first seniors after seniors he called all juniors and juniors went to the cafeteria. There Mr. McLain and other teacher told us about school rules, about dress code, school laws, lockers and than we went to our classes. My first lesson was Personal and Family Development (PFD), my PFD teacher is Mrs. Miller. She told us about our lunch periods and explained what we will do on PFD lessons, in the first time we will learn about people, than we will learn how to cook different food and in the second semester we’ll make clothes. So I liked it, because I want to learn how to cook American food, and I like make clothes its interesting. Mrs. Miller asked me about my country, she is very interested in foreign countries. After first lesson I went to physics, cause on my schedule was 2nd period physics, but it was mistake and school councilor put me on art lesson, but It was just a small mistake. And on art lesson our teacher is Mr. Bolestridge, but he said that we can call him just Mr. B. I like drawing very much and I’m glad that I have art. And when I had art lesson our principle called all juniors. Than I had physics, my physics teacher is Couch French, physics is interesting subject, I hope I’ll have not bad grades on physics. Than I had lunch, it was the first lunch it was very unusual, cause I never have had such lunch in my school. I liked lunch it was good. Than my 4th lesson was English 3, Mrs. Carroll is my teacher. And than I had U.S. History, Mrs. Pell is history teacher. We got very big History books. It is heavy, but it has very nice pictures and its good book. After history I had Web Mastering, teacher Couch Norton, we have internet connection and we will learn how to make web sites. But in the first day I couldn’t open computer cause my name is not in school system, and couch Norton said that soon I’ll be in school system. The last lesson was Algebra 2, our teacher Mrs. Ferrell, I like algebra. So the day was very good, and I talked with many people, honest to say I didn’t accept that in the first day at school I’ll talk with anybody, but our school is very good we have very good students they are very nice and friendly, and students were asking me about my country, it was interesting to talk with pupils at school. I liked school and all teachers. Our teacher are very kind and nice, they always can help you. And if you didn’t understand you can ask or come to that teacher after lessons or early in the morning before of lessons start. And teachers are very good. I liked school so much. It was AWESOME! GREAT! I’m in American school, and I’m a Junior, my dream came true, I’m happy. School is really cool.

Just simple days before school!

On the next day Wednesday, we were in Mexican restaurant and I liked Mexican food. And also we ate ice-cream with bananas it was tasty. We were in one small but very good shop and bought there t-shirts. And I was In church with my host mother and their I met different people and they asked me about my country, t was good but we didn’t stay there very long we came back home.
Friday, August 21st .
On August 21st I met one another exchange girl from Slovakia, her name is Ivana. She is staying with Katie. And she will study at Westwood high school too. So in Westwood High School there will be 4 foreign exchange students. I feel myself very good in Texas. I got along with my host family from the first day, they are very nice. Of course I miss my family, my friends and my country a little but its ok, cause all people can miss their families when they are far. But I like Texas its great. And I haven’t homesick, I think its good, cause I’m adjusting more faster.
Sunday, August 23rd.
This days were very good and fun. We were at Katie’s house and Katie with Ivana were at our house. And On Sunday it was a day before of school. I wasn’t afraid, I was so exited, cause I wanted to know what kind of lessons I’ll have, how teachers teach students, how it is to be in American school. I was waiting Monday very much. And I couldn’t believe that I’m in America and I’m really will go to school it’s COOL!

Do you know what is Fish Camp?

Fish camp is cool! It was very very funy day at school!

Fish Camp.
This days were good, i met many different peoples and I was in shops and Mc Donald with my host Family. And on Tuesday, August 18th we had fish camp at school.
Fish Camp its such day for new students. On fish camp came many new comers and another older students from school they are volunteers and help to new show them school. We came to school in the morning everybody went to school gym. There our school principle congratulated all students than he introduced some teachers and all volunteers. Cheerleaders showed their dance and than we were in different groups. I was in orange group, and students from school they asked our names and we played a game, we were taking a color and each color had different questions, it was very simple questions, like what is your favorite movie, color and other questions. After it we played in very interesting game. One group were coming to the middle another groups were sitting. And group were standing in line that you couldn’t see what happened behind you. So to a person who was in the end of group was showed anything like moving or doing anything and that person should to show what he/she understood to another student. And each student was showing what they understood to each other it was very fun and a bit strange. And in the end the person who was in the front should to guess what about is it. For example there were such motions like driving a car, eating ice-cream. But each student understood it different because of it it was difficult to guess what it means, but it was fun. After it we played in another game. Teachers were saying different words which means different positions. And you should remember that word. Like one word mean that you should lay down on the floor, another sit with other three people and make a boat, it was very fast and also funny. Than we went to lunch. We had pizza on lunch, I liked pizza it was good. After lunch we with our groups went to walk at school, our leaders were showing to us classes and telling about school, school activities and clubs. When we finished our walking we came back to the gym, and than all students who hadn’t their schedules they got their schedules. After it we played in another ball game. Several students had balls and they were throwing balls in other students, and everybody who hadn’t balls they were running it was cool. There were some many people who was running, and if ball hit anybody that person must sit down in the end who is alive they take balls and game start again. So I had ball for 3 or 4 times, cause we beat everybody very fast before of song finishing. It was such game which you play and feel yourself like in your childhood. After this game we went to the cafeteria. When we came to fish camp we received tickets which were for prizes, in the cafeteria volunteers become to call different numbers of tickets and who had the same number that person got any present, some of students got tickets to school football game, others to the movie, some students got balloon fishes and other things. As for me I got one beautiful purple balloon fish. It was great. I liked fish camp it was very fun. I met many students, and they were very nice and interested in foreign countries. And when fish camp finished we came back home. I liked fish camp very much. And by the way we got orange and very pretty fish camp t-shirts. And on Tuesday at night we stood at Katie’s house. They have two big, beautiful cats and one kitten.
On the next day Wednesday, we were in Mexican restaurant and I liked Mexican food. And also we ate ice-cream with bananas it was tasty. We were in one small but very good shop and bought there t-shirts. And I was In church with my host mother and their I met different people and they asked me about my country, t was good but we didn’t stay there very long we came back home.


We had fun on our orientation meeting! IT was Cool!
Lake House, very pretty house! Exchange students from different countries!

August 15th.
On Saturday we had orientation meeting in house of host family of a girl from Ukraine. Their house are near a beautiful lake. There I met another exchange students from different countries. So we talked, we had lunch than we watched a video about CIEE, I saw it in the second time , cause I have seen it in our camp in Ohio. After video we went to swimming, it was very fun. Katerina girl from Ukraine, her host parents have different things for swimming and they have also water motorcycle. And we rode on motorcycle it was AWESOME! We had fun it was very good. After swimming we met one man he is a veterinarian. He told us about plants which produce meat, and about process of it preparation than we asked him questions. It was very interesting to know how work American plants. After it we all went to our houses, but I, Basant, Nikki and Priska, went to movie and I watched “ Time traveler wife” in the second time I liked it more. So this night I spent at Cindy’s house. The day was very interesting and exiting. And I met another very nice girls.

Movie in Palestine!

On Friday it was August 14th I got my schedule and it is very different from schedule in school in my country, because I’ll have only 7 lessons every day. And in the evening I went to the movie with Katie, it was my first time to go to movie in America. It was very interesting to see what kind of cinemas in America. Our city movie is not very huge but its good. Its very comfortable inside. We bought popcorn , coke and candy. We watched a movie “ Time traveler wife”. It is very good and interesting movie. And it also my first movie in cinema, I liked it very much. It was fun


School opening.
On August 13th we went to school cause it was school opening day, it was a parade. Our school principle Mr. McLain, had his speech and than he introduced our school couches of different sports. After it they called the names of students from school football team, volleyball, basketball, baseball and other ones. Also they called our school cheerleaders and gill team “Pantherettes”. Than cheerleaders and gill team showed their dances and our school band played music. It was very fun and interesting. Our parade was in our school stadium. School stadium is big and I think its beautiful, there were a lot of people.
I liked this parade it was good. But my school will start on August 24th , it very interesting to go to school I was very exited. In the evening we went home. I was very glad that I have seen parade of school.

I'm in Palestine!

On the next day after my coming we went to school, in order to figure out in which grade I’ll be and to choose subjects. So at school I met Cindy and two other foreign exchange students: Nikki from Turkey and Basant from Egypt. They are very nice girls. We walked a little at school, our school is small but very nice I like it.
School councilor looked at my academic transcription and she said that I’ll study in the 11th grade, so I’m a junior, and it is cool, because my host sister-Cheyenne is Junior too. So we are in the same grade.
By CIEE organization exchange students should have US History and English. But other lessons I did chose by myself, and we will get our schedules in the other time. After school we came back home. And I also met my host sister’s friend Katie she is good.

Bye Ohio!

HELLO PALESTINE ,TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. From Cincinnati to Dallas, Texas I went alone. I thought that I will not find my gates in airport, but it was easy, I found my gates and my flights very fast. I liked it, to be alone in airport. It was really in dependable trip. So from Dallas I my flight was to Tyler, cause Tyler is a big city which is very close to Palestine. My flights from Ohio to Texas were very fast, I didn’t accept that my flight would be so short. Honest to say during my flights I was thinking that how look my host mom and sister and my local coordinator. It was interesting to see Palestine what kind of city is it. So in Tyler I met my host family and my local coordinator Cindy. I was very glad to see them, but I was tired. We went to Cindy’s house than we have gone to my host family house. I liked Palestine, its very nice city. I liked everything.

I leave Cincinnati, Ohio! It's pitty!

I will miss Cincinnati, Ohio: Asher, Prari, John, Lew, Judy , our students and other people whom I know. I hope to see them again.

I learnt a lot of good information from our camp, now I know about American life more, more better than before of Ohio. I’m very happy that I was in Ohio it one of the first and unforgettable experiences in America! I LIKE CINCINNATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm else in Cincinnati!

This care bear will always remind me Cincinnati, Ohio and espasially hospital! But this bear realy took care of me!
A little accident!
Ok! On Saturday everybody went to their states! But as for me I didn’t went to Texas. Early in the morning we woke up and see off Dasha. So Dasha and Salomat went to their state with Lew. They both went to Michigan. And I with John decided to go bicycling.
It was not first bicycling in Cincinnati, because once before we went to ride in the bikes around the streets and everything was great. And this time was second time of riding on the bike in Cincinnati. I was tired a little but I like bicycling very, very much. And we went to bicycling, so we were riding bikes and I was feeling myself sleepy and tired and suddenly………………………OOPS! And I fall down! Its awful because I didn’t understood how I could fall down. I ride on the bike from my childhood, but accidents happen. So I hurt my head a little and my hand. We went to hospital. I was talking and answering on all questions well, the main I was talking in English. Doctor said that I should stay one day at hospital, because they wanted to be sure that everything is well. So I was resting and John with Judy were with me. Then in the afternoon came Lew. I was glad to see him again. He brought his gutter and played on gutter a little. Than we talked and I feel well. All nurses in the hospital were very nice and good. They asked me about my country it was interesting. In the evening Jemal and Crystal came to see me I was so happy to see them. They brought me such cute toy and very fun postcard. We talked a little and then they leaved, at night Judy was with me. In the morning doctor come and said that everything is well and I can go by plane to Texas even In this day, and he said that couple days I might will have a small headache and i should drink medicine. So when I prepared to leave hospital my nurses and doctors came to say me good bye and the said good luck. I was glad to meet them all. I think it was a big experience in my exchange year in America. The hospital was very nice. Honest to say I don’t want to got to hospital again I just want to see that hospital once again.
So I spent one another day in Cincinnati and on Tuesday was my flight to Texas. It was very fun experience, and doctor was right because I had headache just two days and now I feel great. So I leave Cincinnati.

The Last Day in OHIO!

Its me i liked Kona Ice, it was good!
Church was very good, and all people was amazing!


The 10th day as the last day in Cincinnati. Honest to say I was very sad when I recognized, that it’s the end, the last day. Tomorrow we will go to our states and maybe we will not see each other after year, and I’ll not see my host temporary family, our cool, good teacher Lew and all other people whom I met in Cincinnati, they were really kind and good. Sometimes we all together with our temporary families gathered together and had dinner. We had good time together.
So in the morning we went to Lew’s house and than have gone to one place it was near a church, there we met many people from that church and we met a woman, she works in CIEE. In that day they had like a community service, they called people from the road who was passing by, to come and to eat what they wanted. So there everybody could come and eat anything, they are very nice people. And in my state if there will be such churches I want to take part in such community service and help to people, I think its very good deed to help people. After it we went to the best place in whole state. We went to the KINGS ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes its AWESOME, WONDERFUL. GREAT, COOL PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s a MAGIK place!
We had a special E-Tickets for Kings Island. When we came in it is so big like one city from a fairy tale. There were a lot, a lot of people. So at first I saw a big high tower, it is a small Eiffel Tower, it is a small copy of real Eiffel tower but its really huge. So we went to the rollercoaster. It was in the first time in my life, it was so exiting, because I didn’t know how its to be on rollercoaster. The first rollercoaster was DIAMONDBACK . We were standing in the long line, there were many people who wanted to go there. So we were waiting for our turn. When I saw that people are screaming on the rollercoaster, I was wonder, that why they are screaming its cool you should laugh and be happy, its cool. And when we sat on Rollercoaster, at the first time when it become to go slow, I dint feel scary, but when it become go down, OH MY GOD! IT WAS GREAT BUT REALLY SCARRY! Because it was going so fast and it seemed to me that I will fall down. And my ears closed I couldn’t hear anything, than I began to scream and my ears opened, I was screaming all the way. I think when you are screaming it more better and interesting you will not be so scare. After that one I recognized why everybody are screaming.
Than we went to another one to the BEAST! It was a little smaller than first rollercoaster, but all the time it was going upside down. I thought that I’ll go down, but in this time I was screaming that I’m happy! I screamed : “ Yes its COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Than we went to watch movie about SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANS! We had a special glasses, when you watch movie with that glasses it seems that you are in that movie inside and everything is real. And all the time our seats were moving. I liked it. We also were on the WHITE WATER CANYON!!! You are sitting in the round boats and when you are going in the river from all the sides water is coming and coming, so when you go out fro the boats you are very wet. We had lunch and continued. We went to the horses it wasn’t scary it’s like for children but it so good. Then we were on THE RACER! To the ADVANTURE EXPRESS! FIREHAWK!! And we were on the VIKING FURY it is a big ship which is swinging, it’s a little scary. After it we went to walk in different shops and we also go up on the top of EIFFEL TOWER by elevator!!!!!!!! It was cool we saw everything from the top. So when it become evening, and it was dark we went to the DIAMONDBACK once again. Yeah its scary and cool. But in the night it is more interesting and not so scary. In the second time I was sitting on the second place and I saw everything how we were going down and up, but it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LIKED IT MORE!!!!!!!!!!
So it was the best, best day in Cincinnati. At 10 o‘clock we watched fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The EIFFEL TOWER was with different colors, it was AWESOME!AMAZING! WONDERFUL! I want to go there once again! Then we came back home. We were very tired, but we didn’t sleep for long time. Prari and John made for us very nice presents. I like it so much.
If you never were on rollercoaster you should try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friendship park is really AWESOME ! I want to go there again!
Friendship park. Our 9th lesson! It is a mirrow house, a small house!

on this photo behind us you can see a part of yellow Bridge!

Cincinnati monument!

And on the right sight me on Purple People Bridge!

Its Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio, our 9th lesson!

I'm so Happy, even if i'm just sitting on Motorcycle and not driving it!

I just love Motorcycles, and i was very happy when we went to Motorcycle store!

I really like skateboarding its AWESOME! And i think its very popular American sport!

Lew is very good skateboarder! He is cool teacher and skateboarder!

We had weekends we haven’t lessons. On Saturday we were at Prari’s parents house, they are very good people. And they showed us their house and Prari showed us a very beautiful place , it is her favorite place, there are a lot of trees. Its like in fairy tale. Also we were swimming, her parents have a swimming pool. I liked their home and them. It was very pleasant to meet them. On Sunday we met John’s parent. They are so good people too. I liked them. We met his brother and his sister. John’s sister is very nice girl. So he showed us their home and we watched a little movie Twilights its interesting movie, but I didn’t see it to the end. We had very great weekends. I was very glad to see their families. These two days were wonderful.
Sixth lesson.
It was our last week in Cincinnati. In the morning we met Shilla, Skoggens and their small son Salaman. Salaman is very beautiful name. we talked with them about our weekends, it was cool and unusually cause when we talked with them there were another two conversations, so we were talking and also we could heir another people, and we should focus only on our talking. It was interesting and we must get along to such talking in English language. After café we came home, at home Judy Lew’s wife, she also works in CIEE, she told us about using internet and phones. She told about CIEE policies and gave us documents to read. After it we went to MC. Donald and we had cheeseburgers. Mc Donald is a great place for eating. After lunch we went to the skateboarding park, there were not so much people, they were skateboarding. It was cool. I like skates so much. And Lew was skateboarding too. It was amazing he is a good skateboarder. Than we went to another skateboard place, there were more people than in the first place. So we were watching it and talking with each other. I’m really love skateboarding, I hope to learn skating in the future. Lew showed us some his tricks, yes he is cool. It was COOL! Righteous Dude! At home we watched movie “Transformers”. But we didn’t watch it till the end. Its good movie.
SKATEBOARDING IS AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seventh lesson!
Seventh lesson was a bit unusual, we didn’t go to our café, we were at home. We watched movie transformers till the end. Its really wonderful movie. I think it is one of my favorites movies. Is the BEST movie that I have ever seen! I want to watch second part too. After movie we went to eat lunch. We were in the big mall where were restaurants, and I ordered hamburger in Mc Donald again. After it we came back home. At home we watched movie about Mc Donald “Super size of me”. After this movie some of our pupils said that they will not eat in Mc Donald again. But I ‘ll eat in Mc Donald but seldom. If you it in Mc. Donald seldom its ok but if every day its horrible, your health can become bad. So I’ll write about all movies in the end.
Eighth lesson.
In the morning we went to our café. Lew told us how to learn word by making cards.We talked for many time, Lew told us that we must be polite, well bread and always be on time everywhere. When we come home he told us another way to learn words more easy. Write word on the card and glue it on that thing what it means, so we learnt many new words about furniture. It was good lesson. Than we went to Mc Donald and we ate healthy food, salads. But honest to say I didn’t like the salads. After lunch we went to see suburbs of city. There are a lot of beautiful houses and different shops, and we saw schools. We also went to MOTORCYCLE SHOP!!!!! There were a lot of different beautiful motorcycles, we talked with a man which work there. He told us about motorcycles and gave us sticks. It was Great shop. I like bicycles and Motorcycles very much. WOW IT was GREAT!!!!! At home we watched movie “She’s the man”. It was fun movie.
Ninth lesson.
The ninth lesson was our last lesson. It was so sad cause after day we will go to our states, its good that we’ll see our host families but we didn’t know will we see each other and Cincinnati once again. In the morning we went to our café in the last time. We talked a little and after café we went to eat pizza. We ate three kinds of pizza, it was very tasty. We ate “Crazy Pizza”, “Vegetable Pizza”, and “Olive Pizza”. I liked all Pizzas. After lunch we went to the great place in Cincinnati, to the Purple bridge. It’s a big purple bridge where people walk. From that bridge you can see the river of Cincinnati and Yellow bridge. We were walking and looking around it was such wonderful view. And when we crossed the bridge we went to the monument of famous historical man, the city Cincinnati is called in his honor. It was great monument, than we walked to friendship park. There were a lot of different flags of different countries. And we all become to looking for our flags. Salomat and me were looking for our Tajik flag. When we fond it I was so happy. It was proud for me to see my flag in foreign country. When I saw it seems to me that I’m in Tajikistan that my country is very close to America it not far. I also remembered the question of my English teacher Zebo, that what kind of reaction you will have when you will see flag of you country. And my reaction was great. I was happy! And we saw such small mirror house, we were inside of it. There were a lot of beautiful flowers. Then we sat on the grass and talked a little. We talked about our believes, and Lew is a Christian but he know a lot about other religions its very good. I think if you will know about other religions of other countries, you will understand the life of country more better. So we went back throw the bridge and went to book store. We watched books and notebooks, it was our last time in that store. After it we went to Lew’s skateboarding store. Oh! It was GREAT! There were a lot of beautiful skateboards, especially I liked two of them. Maybe in future I’ll bye them. We watched t-shirts, caps, hamlets and other things. We went home and this day was AWESOME!

My Lessons!!!!!!!!!!

Our first time in Wal-Mart, it was awesome!
Airport! Wal-Mart is Huge and Cool place!

This is Cincinnati airport, it was on our second lesson! It was very interesting lesson!

First lesson.
Our first lesson was great. Honest to say I didn’t axpected such lesson at first. I thought we will learn and write anything, but it was great lesson. In the morning we went to one café, which is not so far from our houses, so we went there by foot. It was my first time in my life to drink coffee at American café. I liked that café very much, its not big but very comfortable and nice. Going to that café was not just a morning breakfast , it was the part of our lessons. Sure, some people can be confused that why café is a part of lessons. Ok I can explain, we went to café to talk on different topics about life in America and about our countries. Also in café every morning we met different people. We met people and watched how American people acting what they like, it was like learn different people, because we should know more about American people in order to adjust to life in USA more faster.
So after café we went to two different parks of Cincinnati, its really were wonderful parks. In that parks were lakes and many beautiful trees. Also from that parks was very good view to whole Cincinnati, we saw the highest tower in Cincinnati, a lot of high buildings and two very important bridges of Cincinnati: Purple people bridge and yellow one. But we didn’t go there on that day. We walked a bit in the park and than we went to have lunch. We went to the center of city, there we went to one store and bought hamburgers, in the first time I ordered hamburger by my own. We all ordered our lunch ourselves, but before of gong to that store Lew said to us what and how to order. It was not difficult but it was interesting. There was one big beautiful fountain and a lot of people, and we sit on fountain to eat our lunch, we had American food, it was tasty. We looked on American people they were very different, some of them were eating, others talking with each other or by phone, some were hurry and going somewhere, I supposed that they were going to work. So we were sitting and talking with each other, near us were many doves they were so pretty and we became to feed them but the worker man said that its prohibited to feed birds in that place. When we finished we have gone to the highest tower of Cincinnati, which we saw from one of the park. We went to the top by elevator, honesty I didn’t like elevator, because it remind me a plane when its go up or down, and I very tired of plane. More than 20 hours on the plane its not so interesting.
But when we went to the top, oh my gush, it was more than awesome. Its was cool, I felt that I’m In heavens and everything on the ground its just tiny toys. We saw whole city, everything. We were watching city from the top. It was like in movie cause I never have seen such picture in real I saw it only on TV. But I was so happy that we went to that tower. If you never was on such tower it is very, very pity. Lew told us that it the first and the oldest high tower in America. Than we came back to Lew’s house . At home we got notebooks, in order to write there our feelings and experiences everyday. It is like a diary, where you write about your days. And also we watched our first movie in America, the name of the movie is Lady in the water. It was good movie. And when we were in the car we listened to one American famous band “ White stripes” , I liked the music it was good. Such was our first lesson. I liked it very much, it was GREAT.

Second lesson.
On 2nd lesson we also went to café, but this day Lew’s friend Chris was with us. He helped to Lew. We went to the airport of Cincinnati where we arrived. We watched how planes were departure and some other arriving we were watching on it and Lew said that we should remind our flights how long they were and how long is distance from our countries to America. Certainly its very far from America, cause our countries is on the different continent which situated across a big Atlantic Ocean. And we also answered on one important question: Why we came to America from such long distance, for what we came, what is the reason?
As for me my answer is such: I came to America in order to learn about American life, schools, people, find a lot of new friends, learn a lot of new things and have much and interesting experiences. Also come to America it was my goal, and I come here to be a good representative of my country and to learn about American culture and share with my culture. I want to become more independent, and a good leader. After America I want to be a good leader in my country and develop it. So it’s a small answer, but if to think more better I have a lot of reason why I wanted to come to America, simple to say it’s a great experience in my life and its awesome to be in America and representative your country.
After airport we went to a big and famous mall “ Wal-Mart”. Its really big market. There you can find everything what you need. We walked around it and watched everything. Honest to say my head was going around, because I didn’t know what to watch it was so great place but we had not so much time. So Lew bought some fruits for us and than we went to a place where are many different small restaurants. Its like a big mall with places for eat. We went to bye lunch by our own. It was so good. But at first we were just walking around and thinking what to bye. Me , Jemal and Dasha decided to bye hamburgers from Mc. Donald. I bought big and tasty, and its really big and very tasty. I like Mc. Donald, however its not so healthy food, but its delicious. It was a great experience to choose one restaurant to eat among many different. There were Mexican food, Chine’s and other. So lunch was perfect. Then we went to one skateboarding park to see how boys are skateboarding, its COOL! We went there cause its one of the famous sport in America majority of people like it very much including me. I like skateboarding and I’d like to ride a skate. And Lew can skateboarding, he has is own skateboard company. But we stayed there maybe for 5 minutes and than we went home. We watched another movie , very ,very fun movie “Fun with Dick and Jane”. The actor in this movie is Jim Cary, he is cool actor. And we listened to a country famous singer Suphjan Stevenson, I liked his songs very much. I think his songs really great.
Third lesson.
As usual we went to café in the morning . The weather was rainy and cloudy. As for me I don’t like rainy days very much, but sometimes its not bad, most of the times I feeling blue because its dark day. So after café we were at home, Lew showed us presentation about CIEE and what to do in different situation, if we will have any difficulties. We were talking how we should treat ourselves and what we should and what not. So it was very helpful and useful information which we should use. Than we went to Mc. Donald, we ate a famous fast food, guess what?
Of course “BIG MAC”, French fries and we drank COKE, famous drink. Now I know why it is so famous, cause its tasty, and also my favorite food in America. Than we were in one other big mall like a Wal-Mart. It was beautiful two stories mall. We walked in that mall it was amazing. But we didn’t buy any thing we went home and watched movie “Iron man”. I never have seen this movie before but I knew that its good movie. And I wanted to watch it so much, I was saying to all our pupils that its cool movie we should see it, but terrible thing happened I fall a sleep during the movie, cause I was very tired. After movie we checked our emails and than went home. And that day we were listening to another country singer Johnny Cash, he’s good singer. It was GOOD day, but I was so upset that I don’t watch movie Iron man, but I think I’ll see it.
Forth lesson.
Today at the café we met Shilla and her husband Skoggens . They were in Bosnia for several years. So they told us about their experiences, it was very interesting to meet people who was in foreign country like we are, but they learned foreign language only in Bosnia they didn’t know it when they went there. It was very difficult for them. They gave us very useful advices how to feel your self more better I n foreign country. And Lew told us that we must use only English language, we shouldn’t read anything on our native language, listen, talk and think only on English language and if we will do it our English can become better for couple months. He told us that some of students always use their native language, and after year their English is good, but not so perfect as they could have. I hope my English would be very good. I want to have perfect English. Also Lew told us that in the first time its hard but than it will be good, especially at school. So we had wonderful conversation how to make our year and language more better. After it we went home and than go to “Chicken-fle”, we ate chicken and French fries. It was good. Also we went to Wal-Mart and have bought some fruits and yogurt. At home we watched very fun movie “Never been kissed”. And we were listening to one rock band CCR. When we were In the car during the day we were listening to music and dancing, we had fun. We had a lot of useful information and very good advices. Day was interesting.
Fifth day.
On our fifth day we were listening to Bob Dillon , American famous singer. So every day we listened to different singers and bands, but we didn’t listen to Hip-Hop or Rap something like this, cause Lew taught us American culture. In the café we talked about American culture and traditions. Also we told about our cultures in our countries. Its really very different traditions and customs among our countries. And we talked about American teens, they are more independent, and people in the USA are free. So its difference. After café we were in bookstore, it was great there were so much different books on different topics, we watched books and Lew bought dictionaries for us. And we always will use only English dictionaries. Also Lew told us about American books, and he said that as American writers are free they can write what they want. Some of them write about anything good but another opposite side. Like one is for other is again. And because of it we can think that some of American books foolish. But there are a lot of good books, as for me I’d like to read Narnia. I have seen the movie but I want to read book in English.
After bookstore we bought many products at the store and went home. At home we tasted different kinds of cheeses and bread. So after testing we made sandwiches and watched funny movie “ Get smart”. We liked this movie. It was good day! I like America and Cincinnati, and I like my country Tajikistan.