Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bake Sale!

Bake sale! Sunday!
In the morning we went to Wal-Mart cause we had bake in Wal-Mart. The day was very good, sunny weather, blue skies and just hot weather, I like hot weather.
When all exchange students came we organized our tables, the tables were full of different cakes, cookies, there were everything, even if it wouldn’t be a sale I’d eat it all, cause I like cookies(I’m just kidding, if I’ll it too much cookies I will burst like a balloon). So we started our sale. At first it was not so good, cause we were just saying, that buy cookies, it wasn’t interesting. But a bit later it began, started real sale. We were saying, that We are foreign exchange students and want to raise money for San Antonio, people were interested In our countries, and we were telling a bit where are w from, it was like a small presentation of our countries. I had our national hat, and majority of people liked it. Everybody was buying everything but some of people was just giving us money for fundraising. So it was very easy, but we had a lot of cookies and we sat until evening. To the end of the sale, I was like a parrot, cause one phrase was in my head: Hello we are foreign exchange students, we’re raising money for San Antonio, would you like to buy some cookies. I thought that this phrase will stay In my head for a week, but it didn’t. So when it was evening we made our prices a bit less, in order to sell the last several cookies. And we did it. We sold everything. It was great job. But we were tired. When we had sale I was talking all the time but in the end I had pain in my back not in my mouth, I could continue my talking, its strange why I hadn’t mouth ache, but its good I don’t want to have mouth ache. In the evening w all together , happy and tired, came to Cindy’s house, cause a girl from Germany she had birthday, we talked a bit, ate sponge bob cake, she likes sponge bob very much. We congratulated her and at night Cindy brought me home. It was very interesting day, and it was American experience, cool.
We raised many money, that we even have extra money for going to Austin. I’m very glad that we had such awesome day! At night I did my homework and that’s all.
It was fun but, my back wasn’t so fun, the main thing we liked it!

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