Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fifth Week!

My fifth week at school!
This week was good, but we had tests again, we have test every week, its usual thing. Now I totally feel like at my own school, I like Westwood High School, its very nice school, and I got along to this school very fast. But sometimes on lessons I still confusing, but not so often, I think soon I won’t be confused. And I’ll go to three extra clubs at school: Drama club, Interact and UIL. Drama club, we will make different role plays at school, Interact club we will do different community service, and UIL its like speech and debates club, I think all these clubs will help me find more friends and learn English more better. But later when my English will become good I’ll go to any other clubs too. Its very interesting to go to different clubs and be active. It’s a big experience, cause in schools in my country we have no so much extra clubs at school, like here.

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