Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rollercoasters Again!!!!

I hope to go to Six Flags again, i just love Rollercoasters!

Six Flags its YEAH COOL!!!!!

ROLLERCOASTERS AGAIN!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
On Saturday I woke up early and my host mom drove me to Cindy’s house. And in the morning we went to Arlington to the Rollercoaster Park “ Six Flags!”.
We went with Cindy, her daughters and her two foreign exchange students. It took about 2 hours to go to Six Flags by car. Its like Kings Island, and it also have the Eiffel tower like in Kings Island. I think Six Flags and Kings Island have a lot of similarities. I liked this park very much. We rode different Rollercoaster’s, in the end we went to the Highest one, at first I thought its very scary, but I was excited, and it wasn’t so scary I think in Kings Island the Diamond Back was more scary, but I like all rollercoaster’s, its amazing place, and I love it so much. On October we will go there again, and its awesome In the next time I want to ride on more rollercoaster’s. But its hard to ride on all of them, cause the lines very long and you waiting for your turn about hour or more, it depends on line of people. The weather was hot, and it was great.
On Rollercoaster’s its amazing feelings, its scary, interesting, cool, and exciting, and sometimes you think no I’m not so crazy to ride on this high one, but at the same time oh my God its amazing, its my opinion. ITS JUST AWESOME PLACE AMONG ALL ATRACTION PARKS!!!!!!!!


Me and my sister, we were band "KISS"
On the right photo is "KISS" and Hannah Montannah(my little host sister!)!

This Friday we had Punk Rock Day! In the night on Thursday we were preparing for Punk Rock Day! And on Friday it was really GREAT. Everybody liked our costumes. I with my sister, were a rock band kiss. When we came to school everybody were looking and saying that its good. During all classes, teachers liked it too. Before of Pep Rely all seniors and juniors went to the cafeteria and they said that if we want to help we should sell raffle tickets, that tickets were 1 per dollar and the price which anybody will get is $100 gift card. Who wanted to be volunteers they got 20 tickets and I also wanted to help, I like volunteer work. And these money is for Junior Classes. Our Pep Rely was after our 4th period, it was cool, every Friday we have Pep Rely and I always like it, cause its great. And my sister Cheyenne she was winner among the Juniors I was glad for her, she really was great. After school we went home took everything what we need and came back to school, cause on this Friday we played in other town. As casual we went there by bus. We were listening music and I was sleeping a bit.
When we came to the stadium of that school, it was amazing stadium, yes its more beautiful than our one, but Demetra said that on the next year our school will have such beautiful stadium, but its so pity that I’ll not see that stadium, cause the next year I’ll study at my school in my country.
So in this time I watched all game I was so happy. The weather was perfect. But another problem n stadium is bugs a lot of bugs in the end of game, only these small awful creatures made me a little angry. Because when you are sitting they fall down on you, its not so good. And on Friday that school with which we had football game, they had Homecoming Ceremony, I thought that all school have Homecoming in one time, but I was mistaken, each school have Homecoming in Different time.
The game was very good, our team won the game, its very good. The game before we lost but this game they won. And we came back home very happy. I was also glad that the weather was good. So this Friday game was cool.

Fifth Week!

My fifth week at school!
This week was good, but we had tests again, we have test every week, its usual thing. Now I totally feel like at my own school, I like Westwood High School, its very nice school, and I got along to this school very fast. But sometimes on lessons I still confusing, but not so often, I think soon I won’t be confused. And I’ll go to three extra clubs at school: Drama club, Interact and UIL. Drama club, we will make different role plays at school, Interact club we will do different community service, and UIL its like speech and debates club, I think all these clubs will help me find more friends and learn English more better. But later when my English will become good I’ll go to any other clubs too. Its very interesting to go to different clubs and be active. It’s a big experience, cause in schools in my country we have no so much extra clubs at school, like here.

Bake Sale!

Bake sale! Sunday!
In the morning we went to Wal-Mart cause we had bake in Wal-Mart. The day was very good, sunny weather, blue skies and just hot weather, I like hot weather.
When all exchange students came we organized our tables, the tables were full of different cakes, cookies, there were everything, even if it wouldn’t be a sale I’d eat it all, cause I like cookies(I’m just kidding, if I’ll it too much cookies I will burst like a balloon). So we started our sale. At first it was not so good, cause we were just saying, that buy cookies, it wasn’t interesting. But a bit later it began, started real sale. We were saying, that We are foreign exchange students and want to raise money for San Antonio, people were interested In our countries, and we were telling a bit where are w from, it was like a small presentation of our countries. I had our national hat, and majority of people liked it. Everybody was buying everything but some of people was just giving us money for fundraising. So it was very easy, but we had a lot of cookies and we sat until evening. To the end of the sale, I was like a parrot, cause one phrase was in my head: Hello we are foreign exchange students, we’re raising money for San Antonio, would you like to buy some cookies. I thought that this phrase will stay In my head for a week, but it didn’t. So when it was evening we made our prices a bit less, in order to sell the last several cookies. And we did it. We sold everything. It was great job. But we were tired. When we had sale I was talking all the time but in the end I had pain in my back not in my mouth, I could continue my talking, its strange why I hadn’t mouth ache, but its good I don’t want to have mouth ache. In the evening w all together , happy and tired, came to Cindy’s house, cause a girl from Germany she had birthday, we talked a bit, ate sponge bob cake, she likes sponge bob very much. We congratulated her and at night Cindy brought me home. It was very interesting day, and it was American experience, cool.
We raised many money, that we even have extra money for going to Austin. I’m very glad that we had such awesome day! At night I did my homework and that’s all.
It was fun but, my back wasn’t so fun, the main thing we liked it!

Cakes preparation!

Saturday was preparation for our bake sale! We had bake sell in order to raise money for going to San Antonio. We had it for extra money, and when we will go to San Antonio we will not spend our money but we will use our money from this sell.
Me with my host mom bought products for cakes, and we made several cakes and pie for sale. I was helping to my host mom to prepare cakes. Its was very easy to make cakes, cause u should just buy the ready product and just bake it. So we finished our cakes, and I was so happy because I was still tired, honest to say majority of time on weekends I’m very tired and during the day want to sleep. And after our work, can u guess what I did , we talked a little with my host family and than the day finished. It was cakes day, I think so!


I love Homecoming!!!!!!!!
As Homecoming day was Orange Crash day, i was Orage too!

My host sister was represantative of her student councile class!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homecoming Day was Awesome! We had orange crash day! And In the evening we had Homecoming ceremony and football game. Our Homecoming ceremony was cool, i saw such ceremony in the first time in my life, it was really cool, i hope in my home school we will have such ceremonies too. So on ceremony, at first they called all represantatives of different classes, and after it everybody was excited because from 3 seniors they should to elect only one king and one queen. I was too excited because for me it was first homecoming in my life and i saw such cermonies only in movies, i was standing and thinking WOW its all real i'm not sleeping, and even i thought that what if i would study in America in my Seniors years, and i will become a homecoming queen too, it would be amazing, because it like such wonderful feelings, when you achieve something, its just amazing. I was standing i imagen it all in my mind, and suddenly when they declared A King and A Queen of our school, i like woke up from my dream, and i know that it will not happen because the next year i'll study at my school in my country. But who knowes bcause all our dreams can come true, if we just will wish it so much and try to reach our dreams and goals.

Our king and queen became very nice studnts, i'm very happy for them. It was cool, they were sitting in the car and rode around all stadium, it was very beautiful ceremony. After it we had football game, but its very pity because we lost the game, but its not so bad, i know that we will win another games, in such day it just not so interesting to be upset, you should be happy, and so i was very happy. After football we had homecoming dance. Our dance was in our school cafeteria, so the cafteria was dicorated very good, it was beautiful. We had fun , but the most important think was that we found a lot of new friends, i and other exchange students we didnt dance a lot we were sitting and talking with students from our school, so we found friends, it was very wonderful expirience!

Homecoming decorating!

Our Juniors Hall was cool, but on photo its a bit scary!Yeah!!
Juniors AWESOME!

Junior Hall!

Thursday September 17.
Hello everybody! I want to tell you a bit about Thursday. This day at school wasn’t very difficult, it was very good like usual and we had inside/outside day, when you must wear your clothes inside or outside how you want. But I wasn’t prepared for this day. We had all our lessons and the most interesting part was evening. As I wrote it before this week was homecoming week, and Friday is a great day. So in the evening some of students came to school, because everybody were decorated different halls. Freshmen were decorated there hall, sophomores, juniors and seniors were decorated there halls. I’m a Junior and I was helping to decorate Juniors hall. It was very interesting, because in my school we never had such homecoming day and preparation, of course we have different holidays and we celebrate all holidays but we never decorated school halls like in American school. Students were doing what they want, it was fun. Each hall was great. I liked it so much, everyone was helping to ach other, we all Juniors were like a big team and other grades were another teams. And during decorating we were listening to music and Juniors were screaming that we are the best and Seniors said that they are the best but it was just for fun. But there were not all students, came only that students who wanted to help and decorate halls. We didn’t finish it till the end and I with my host sister came back home. Our Junior hall was cool. And that day I was so excited that what would be tomorrow, because I am in the first time will see homecoming ceremony, its great.