Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm in Palestine!

On the next day after my coming we went to school, in order to figure out in which grade I’ll be and to choose subjects. So at school I met Cindy and two other foreign exchange students: Nikki from Turkey and Basant from Egypt. They are very nice girls. We walked a little at school, our school is small but very nice I like it.
School councilor looked at my academic transcription and she said that I’ll study in the 11th grade, so I’m a junior, and it is cool, because my host sister-Cheyenne is Junior too. So we are in the same grade.
By CIEE organization exchange students should have US History and English. But other lessons I did chose by myself, and we will get our schedules in the other time. After school we came back home. And I also met my host sister’s friend Katie she is good.

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