Monday, September 14, 2009

First week at school! And Football game!

Its me a Westwood Panther!
First football Game i was very excited!

First week.
First week is sure, a little difficult, because sometimes on the lessons I didn’t understand something but I always ask my teachers and they help me. In the first maybe two or three days I was going to my classes I looked on my schedule, in order to not lost way or be confused. So in the end of week I become to remember my classes and I went to my lessons without my schedule. In the first week teachers help because it is just first week, but we had several tests during the week. On English lessons we had vocabulary work and we always will have new vocabulary, it’s a bit hard, because I use only English vocabulary, I have my Russian vocabulary but I want to get along to English voc. faster. We had tests and passed all our testes. And in the first week I talked with many people, as I wrote it before our students at our school very nice but I haven’t friends yet, hope soon I’ll have friends among American too. I have friends they are foreign exchange students.
So Friday was great, we had twins day. Majority of pupils they were like twins, they wore the same clothes. And after 1st lesson we had Pep Raly. Pep Raly is a preparation for football game. On Pep Raly all students go to the gym, gill team and cheerleaders show their dances, school band play their music, then we greet our football team, and Mr. McLain called names of students from each grade who was the best twins, and the winners got school t-shirts. After it they played in one game, they made race with the band legs to each other. After it teachers were asking us that do we ready to football game and everybody screaming, that they are ready, but honest to say I haven’t very loud voice. Then from football team, cheerleaders and gill team , students asked the first freshmen to scream if they are ready, after freshmen sophomores were screaming than juniors and in the end seniors. After it we all together sing a school song. After pep Raly we came back to our second lessons, I liked Pep Raly, it is very fun. Another thing that I like at school, every day in the first lesson our principle talk by radio to say pledge to the United States of America, after it we were saying pledge to the flag of Texas, after it we have a minute of silence, we had it every day. It is like a tradition at school, I like It, its shows that American people really patriots of their country and its good. I think I got along to our school its Great.
And on Friday August 28th was perfect day, because in the evening we had football game, I watched real American football in the first in my life and I liked it so much, and now I understand football game. We will go to all football game without tickets, because we are escorts of gill team, we help to carry their bags and we help them. We always wear our grey panther t-shirts because we are escorts. Football game was AWESOME!!! And it was first football game. But it is so pity because our school football team lost only on one point it was 26-27. But I think that our football team is wonderful, they play football good, and we lost just on 1 point its nothing. In the next time we will be winners.

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