Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you know what is Fish Camp?

Fish camp is cool! It was very very funy day at school!

Fish Camp.
This days were good, i met many different peoples and I was in shops and Mc Donald with my host Family. And on Tuesday, August 18th we had fish camp at school.
Fish Camp its such day for new students. On fish camp came many new comers and another older students from school they are volunteers and help to new show them school. We came to school in the morning everybody went to school gym. There our school principle congratulated all students than he introduced some teachers and all volunteers. Cheerleaders showed their dance and than we were in different groups. I was in orange group, and students from school they asked our names and we played a game, we were taking a color and each color had different questions, it was very simple questions, like what is your favorite movie, color and other questions. After it we played in very interesting game. One group were coming to the middle another groups were sitting. And group were standing in line that you couldn’t see what happened behind you. So to a person who was in the end of group was showed anything like moving or doing anything and that person should to show what he/she understood to another student. And each student was showing what they understood to each other it was very fun and a bit strange. And in the end the person who was in the front should to guess what about is it. For example there were such motions like driving a car, eating ice-cream. But each student understood it different because of it it was difficult to guess what it means, but it was fun. After it we played in another game. Teachers were saying different words which means different positions. And you should remember that word. Like one word mean that you should lay down on the floor, another sit with other three people and make a boat, it was very fast and also funny. Than we went to lunch. We had pizza on lunch, I liked pizza it was good. After lunch we with our groups went to walk at school, our leaders were showing to us classes and telling about school, school activities and clubs. When we finished our walking we came back to the gym, and than all students who hadn’t their schedules they got their schedules. After it we played in another ball game. Several students had balls and they were throwing balls in other students, and everybody who hadn’t balls they were running it was cool. There were some many people who was running, and if ball hit anybody that person must sit down in the end who is alive they take balls and game start again. So I had ball for 3 or 4 times, cause we beat everybody very fast before of song finishing. It was such game which you play and feel yourself like in your childhood. After this game we went to the cafeteria. When we came to fish camp we received tickets which were for prizes, in the cafeteria volunteers become to call different numbers of tickets and who had the same number that person got any present, some of students got tickets to school football game, others to the movie, some students got balloon fishes and other things. As for me I got one beautiful purple balloon fish. It was great. I liked fish camp it was very fun. I met many students, and they were very nice and interested in foreign countries. And when fish camp finished we came back home. I liked fish camp very much. And by the way we got orange and very pretty fish camp t-shirts. And on Tuesday at night we stood at Katie’s house. They have two big, beautiful cats and one kitten.
On the next day Wednesday, we were in Mexican restaurant and I liked Mexican food. And also we ate ice-cream with bananas it was tasty. We were in one small but very good shop and bought there t-shirts. And I was In church with my host mother and their I met different people and they asked me about my country, t was good but we didn’t stay there very long we came back home.

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