Sunday, September 27, 2009


Me and my sister, we were band "KISS"
On the right photo is "KISS" and Hannah Montannah(my little host sister!)!

This Friday we had Punk Rock Day! In the night on Thursday we were preparing for Punk Rock Day! And on Friday it was really GREAT. Everybody liked our costumes. I with my sister, were a rock band kiss. When we came to school everybody were looking and saying that its good. During all classes, teachers liked it too. Before of Pep Rely all seniors and juniors went to the cafeteria and they said that if we want to help we should sell raffle tickets, that tickets were 1 per dollar and the price which anybody will get is $100 gift card. Who wanted to be volunteers they got 20 tickets and I also wanted to help, I like volunteer work. And these money is for Junior Classes. Our Pep Rely was after our 4th period, it was cool, every Friday we have Pep Rely and I always like it, cause its great. And my sister Cheyenne she was winner among the Juniors I was glad for her, she really was great. After school we went home took everything what we need and came back to school, cause on this Friday we played in other town. As casual we went there by bus. We were listening music and I was sleeping a bit.
When we came to the stadium of that school, it was amazing stadium, yes its more beautiful than our one, but Demetra said that on the next year our school will have such beautiful stadium, but its so pity that I’ll not see that stadium, cause the next year I’ll study at my school in my country.
So in this time I watched all game I was so happy. The weather was perfect. But another problem n stadium is bugs a lot of bugs in the end of game, only these small awful creatures made me a little angry. Because when you are sitting they fall down on you, its not so good. And on Friday that school with which we had football game, they had Homecoming Ceremony, I thought that all school have Homecoming in one time, but I was mistaken, each school have Homecoming in Different time.
The game was very good, our team won the game, its very good. The game before we lost but this game they won. And we came back home very happy. I was also glad that the weather was good. So this Friday game was cool.

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