Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My fourth week at school!

Crazy ht day!
Crazy socks day, its my socks!

me and my host sister Cheyenne, crazy hair Day!

This week began perfect. On Monday we had crazy socks day. Yes some people will thing that why we have such days, i can explane you, because our school is awesome. And every week we had such crazy days just on Fridays but this week is unussual.
This is homecoming week, its really great week. On friday we will have crazy orange crash, and in the evening we will go to Football homecoming game, it should be the best game among all these weeks and efter game there would be homecoming dance. So on homecoming day our school will represent our homecoming kings and queens. I'm waiting for it so much i'm so exited, about Friday. So another thing on Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day and my birthday. YEAh! The day was wonderfull, cause i created very crazy hairstyle and at school everybody liked it very much. All people around were saying that i have cool hair. I was happy. And in my school every day our principle congratulate pupils with their Birthday by our school radio, and he congratulated me, too. Than on my first lesson my classmates sang me a Happy Birthday song, i liked it, it was so good. During whole day everybody was looking on my hair asking me about it, touvhing my hair, it was fun. I was popular. In the evening we were at home with my host family and my friends. I got many cool presents. And i rode on the bike with uncle Tonny. He is Cheyenne's uncle and he drive motorcycle for 25 years. It was cool, i like motorcycles so much. So the day was AWESOME!
I'm happy to be in America and honest to say i don't believe that its America, i think that i can get to Tajikistan by car that its across the road. But on my birthday i understood that yes its really far, because on my birthday my native family and my friends were not with me, but my new friends and host family were near. Of course i missed everybody on this day a little, but it was great day.

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  1. Hello dear Madinajonn
    Happy birthday to you!! sorry for late congratulationss please forgive your teachers. I wish you all the best dear and good health let all your dreams come true.. we miss u soo mcuh. Every one ask you . Madina is in USA? I proudly say YES. And you study well and u will go too.
    I see you become popular at school. It is cool.

    Ok once more Happy Birthday dear
    Love and hug u
    your teacher
    Zebo and Zuhro