Monday, September 14, 2009

Third week!

Our football field, preparation for football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
our drill team!

The third week.
Monday September 7th was day off because it was Labor Day. And we went to school on Tuesday. The third week wasn’t difficult, it was more easier than other weeks, we also had tests and I passed but of course it is not high grades, but the main thing that I passed. On U.S. History we have a project “ Time Line”, and the last day of project is September 15th. And on September 10th was Cheyenne’s birthday. This week at school was good. Now I think I have friends, and I think that I’ll find friends week by week and soon I’ll have a lot of friends. And on the next week I’m going to go to another clubs too. In interact club soon we will start community service.
On Friday September 11th we had cowboy day, it was cool, we had Pep Rary in the Afternoon, but usually we had it on the second lesson. So this Friday we stayed after school because at4 o’clock we went to another city by bus for football game. This Friday we played not at home. The weather was rainy and it was difficult to play. Our school band didn’t play any music because of rain, but our school won again. It is really amazing that we won. We went to that city maybe it took more than one hour.

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  1. hello dear Madina ,
    At last I have found your blog a friend of mine gave me this link. Im still redaing your blog. I become soo happy readiing all your entries. Well done. I see your English Imroved. I miss you here . ILC is emty without you. I miss your jokes.
    Madinajon could you copy and post your netries to our website where some students know you and will be happy to read it.
    Keep writing,

    Miss you very much
    your teacher Zebo