Monday, September 14, 2009

My Lessons!!!!!!!!!!

Our first time in Wal-Mart, it was awesome!
Airport! Wal-Mart is Huge and Cool place!

This is Cincinnati airport, it was on our second lesson! It was very interesting lesson!

First lesson.
Our first lesson was great. Honest to say I didn’t axpected such lesson at first. I thought we will learn and write anything, but it was great lesson. In the morning we went to one café, which is not so far from our houses, so we went there by foot. It was my first time in my life to drink coffee at American café. I liked that café very much, its not big but very comfortable and nice. Going to that café was not just a morning breakfast , it was the part of our lessons. Sure, some people can be confused that why café is a part of lessons. Ok I can explain, we went to café to talk on different topics about life in America and about our countries. Also in café every morning we met different people. We met people and watched how American people acting what they like, it was like learn different people, because we should know more about American people in order to adjust to life in USA more faster.
So after café we went to two different parks of Cincinnati, its really were wonderful parks. In that parks were lakes and many beautiful trees. Also from that parks was very good view to whole Cincinnati, we saw the highest tower in Cincinnati, a lot of high buildings and two very important bridges of Cincinnati: Purple people bridge and yellow one. But we didn’t go there on that day. We walked a bit in the park and than we went to have lunch. We went to the center of city, there we went to one store and bought hamburgers, in the first time I ordered hamburger by my own. We all ordered our lunch ourselves, but before of gong to that store Lew said to us what and how to order. It was not difficult but it was interesting. There was one big beautiful fountain and a lot of people, and we sit on fountain to eat our lunch, we had American food, it was tasty. We looked on American people they were very different, some of them were eating, others talking with each other or by phone, some were hurry and going somewhere, I supposed that they were going to work. So we were sitting and talking with each other, near us were many doves they were so pretty and we became to feed them but the worker man said that its prohibited to feed birds in that place. When we finished we have gone to the highest tower of Cincinnati, which we saw from one of the park. We went to the top by elevator, honesty I didn’t like elevator, because it remind me a plane when its go up or down, and I very tired of plane. More than 20 hours on the plane its not so interesting.
But when we went to the top, oh my gush, it was more than awesome. Its was cool, I felt that I’m In heavens and everything on the ground its just tiny toys. We saw whole city, everything. We were watching city from the top. It was like in movie cause I never have seen such picture in real I saw it only on TV. But I was so happy that we went to that tower. If you never was on such tower it is very, very pity. Lew told us that it the first and the oldest high tower in America. Than we came back to Lew’s house . At home we got notebooks, in order to write there our feelings and experiences everyday. It is like a diary, where you write about your days. And also we watched our first movie in America, the name of the movie is Lady in the water. It was good movie. And when we were in the car we listened to one American famous band “ White stripes” , I liked the music it was good. Such was our first lesson. I liked it very much, it was GREAT.

Second lesson.
On 2nd lesson we also went to café, but this day Lew’s friend Chris was with us. He helped to Lew. We went to the airport of Cincinnati where we arrived. We watched how planes were departure and some other arriving we were watching on it and Lew said that we should remind our flights how long they were and how long is distance from our countries to America. Certainly its very far from America, cause our countries is on the different continent which situated across a big Atlantic Ocean. And we also answered on one important question: Why we came to America from such long distance, for what we came, what is the reason?
As for me my answer is such: I came to America in order to learn about American life, schools, people, find a lot of new friends, learn a lot of new things and have much and interesting experiences. Also come to America it was my goal, and I come here to be a good representative of my country and to learn about American culture and share with my culture. I want to become more independent, and a good leader. After America I want to be a good leader in my country and develop it. So it’s a small answer, but if to think more better I have a lot of reason why I wanted to come to America, simple to say it’s a great experience in my life and its awesome to be in America and representative your country.
After airport we went to a big and famous mall “ Wal-Mart”. Its really big market. There you can find everything what you need. We walked around it and watched everything. Honest to say my head was going around, because I didn’t know what to watch it was so great place but we had not so much time. So Lew bought some fruits for us and than we went to a place where are many different small restaurants. Its like a big mall with places for eat. We went to bye lunch by our own. It was so good. But at first we were just walking around and thinking what to bye. Me , Jemal and Dasha decided to bye hamburgers from Mc. Donald. I bought big and tasty, and its really big and very tasty. I like Mc. Donald, however its not so healthy food, but its delicious. It was a great experience to choose one restaurant to eat among many different. There were Mexican food, Chine’s and other. So lunch was perfect. Then we went to one skateboarding park to see how boys are skateboarding, its COOL! We went there cause its one of the famous sport in America majority of people like it very much including me. I like skateboarding and I’d like to ride a skate. And Lew can skateboarding, he has is own skateboard company. But we stayed there maybe for 5 minutes and than we went home. We watched another movie , very ,very fun movie “Fun with Dick and Jane”. The actor in this movie is Jim Cary, he is cool actor. And we listened to a country famous singer Suphjan Stevenson, I liked his songs very much. I think his songs really great.
Third lesson.
As usual we went to café in the morning . The weather was rainy and cloudy. As for me I don’t like rainy days very much, but sometimes its not bad, most of the times I feeling blue because its dark day. So after café we were at home, Lew showed us presentation about CIEE and what to do in different situation, if we will have any difficulties. We were talking how we should treat ourselves and what we should and what not. So it was very helpful and useful information which we should use. Than we went to Mc. Donald, we ate a famous fast food, guess what?
Of course “BIG MAC”, French fries and we drank COKE, famous drink. Now I know why it is so famous, cause its tasty, and also my favorite food in America. Than we were in one other big mall like a Wal-Mart. It was beautiful two stories mall. We walked in that mall it was amazing. But we didn’t buy any thing we went home and watched movie “Iron man”. I never have seen this movie before but I knew that its good movie. And I wanted to watch it so much, I was saying to all our pupils that its cool movie we should see it, but terrible thing happened I fall a sleep during the movie, cause I was very tired. After movie we checked our emails and than went home. And that day we were listening to another country singer Johnny Cash, he’s good singer. It was GOOD day, but I was so upset that I don’t watch movie Iron man, but I think I’ll see it.
Forth lesson.
Today at the café we met Shilla and her husband Skoggens . They were in Bosnia for several years. So they told us about their experiences, it was very interesting to meet people who was in foreign country like we are, but they learned foreign language only in Bosnia they didn’t know it when they went there. It was very difficult for them. They gave us very useful advices how to feel your self more better I n foreign country. And Lew told us that we must use only English language, we shouldn’t read anything on our native language, listen, talk and think only on English language and if we will do it our English can become better for couple months. He told us that some of students always use their native language, and after year their English is good, but not so perfect as they could have. I hope my English would be very good. I want to have perfect English. Also Lew told us that in the first time its hard but than it will be good, especially at school. So we had wonderful conversation how to make our year and language more better. After it we went home and than go to “Chicken-fle”, we ate chicken and French fries. It was good. Also we went to Wal-Mart and have bought some fruits and yogurt. At home we watched very fun movie “Never been kissed”. And we were listening to one rock band CCR. When we were In the car during the day we were listening to music and dancing, we had fun. We had a lot of useful information and very good advices. Day was interesting.
Fifth day.
On our fifth day we were listening to Bob Dillon , American famous singer. So every day we listened to different singers and bands, but we didn’t listen to Hip-Hop or Rap something like this, cause Lew taught us American culture. In the café we talked about American culture and traditions. Also we told about our cultures in our countries. Its really very different traditions and customs among our countries. And we talked about American teens, they are more independent, and people in the USA are free. So its difference. After café we were in bookstore, it was great there were so much different books on different topics, we watched books and Lew bought dictionaries for us. And we always will use only English dictionaries. Also Lew told us about American books, and he said that as American writers are free they can write what they want. Some of them write about anything good but another opposite side. Like one is for other is again. And because of it we can think that some of American books foolish. But there are a lot of good books, as for me I’d like to read Narnia. I have seen the movie but I want to read book in English.
After bookstore we bought many products at the store and went home. At home we tasted different kinds of cheeses and bread. So after testing we made sandwiches and watched funny movie “ Get smart”. We liked this movie. It was good day! I like America and Cincinnati, and I like my country Tajikistan.

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