Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm else in Cincinnati!

This care bear will always remind me Cincinnati, Ohio and espasially hospital! But this bear realy took care of me!
A little accident!
Ok! On Saturday everybody went to their states! But as for me I didn’t went to Texas. Early in the morning we woke up and see off Dasha. So Dasha and Salomat went to their state with Lew. They both went to Michigan. And I with John decided to go bicycling.
It was not first bicycling in Cincinnati, because once before we went to ride in the bikes around the streets and everything was great. And this time was second time of riding on the bike in Cincinnati. I was tired a little but I like bicycling very, very much. And we went to bicycling, so we were riding bikes and I was feeling myself sleepy and tired and suddenly………………………OOPS! And I fall down! Its awful because I didn’t understood how I could fall down. I ride on the bike from my childhood, but accidents happen. So I hurt my head a little and my hand. We went to hospital. I was talking and answering on all questions well, the main I was talking in English. Doctor said that I should stay one day at hospital, because they wanted to be sure that everything is well. So I was resting and John with Judy were with me. Then in the afternoon came Lew. I was glad to see him again. He brought his gutter and played on gutter a little. Than we talked and I feel well. All nurses in the hospital were very nice and good. They asked me about my country it was interesting. In the evening Jemal and Crystal came to see me I was so happy to see them. They brought me such cute toy and very fun postcard. We talked a little and then they leaved, at night Judy was with me. In the morning doctor come and said that everything is well and I can go by plane to Texas even In this day, and he said that couple days I might will have a small headache and i should drink medicine. So when I prepared to leave hospital my nurses and doctors came to say me good bye and the said good luck. I was glad to meet them all. I think it was a big experience in my exchange year in America. The hospital was very nice. Honest to say I don’t want to got to hospital again I just want to see that hospital once again.
So I spent one another day in Cincinnati and on Tuesday was my flight to Texas. It was very fun experience, and doctor was right because I had headache just two days and now I feel great. So I leave Cincinnati.

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