Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rollercoasters Again!!!!

I hope to go to Six Flags again, i just love Rollercoasters!

Six Flags its YEAH COOL!!!!!

ROLLERCOASTERS AGAIN!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
On Saturday I woke up early and my host mom drove me to Cindy’s house. And in the morning we went to Arlington to the Rollercoaster Park “ Six Flags!”.
We went with Cindy, her daughters and her two foreign exchange students. It took about 2 hours to go to Six Flags by car. Its like Kings Island, and it also have the Eiffel tower like in Kings Island. I think Six Flags and Kings Island have a lot of similarities. I liked this park very much. We rode different Rollercoaster’s, in the end we went to the Highest one, at first I thought its very scary, but I was excited, and it wasn’t so scary I think in Kings Island the Diamond Back was more scary, but I like all rollercoaster’s, its amazing place, and I love it so much. On October we will go there again, and its awesome In the next time I want to ride on more rollercoaster’s. But its hard to ride on all of them, cause the lines very long and you waiting for your turn about hour or more, it depends on line of people. The weather was hot, and it was great.
On Rollercoaster’s its amazing feelings, its scary, interesting, cool, and exciting, and sometimes you think no I’m not so crazy to ride on this high one, but at the same time oh my God its amazing, its my opinion. ITS JUST AWESOME PLACE AMONG ALL ATRACTION PARKS!!!!!!!!

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