Thursday, September 17, 2009

My art lessons!

My art lessons in America not so different from my lessons in my native town. Pupils do the same thing, at first we drew easy picture than we drew a little difficult picture, but honest to say for me its not so difficult, because i have Art 1, its a beginning in High school. When you choose Art you will have art 1 because you must, if you wasnt in art1 before. I like drawing very much and i like Art 1. i think its good i can improve my drawing skills more better. And other thing that Mr. B he explain and help us if we ask him he is very nice, and here in America we draw everyday and because of it students began to draw more difficult and dfficult pictures. But in my town you should draw at the first weeks easy pictures. But here on the next week Mr. B showed us how to draw by graphs, and i know howto draw so. And in America students more independence and they can say their openions. i think i'm doing good on Art 1 lessons. And Mr. B said that he will give me another pictures to improve my drawing and learn anything new, cause i showed my pictures which i drew in Tajikistan and he liked it.
My English lessons different, because i'm junior, we always have Vocabulary, we look for defenitions and than we have a test Synonims and Antonyms, on the other day we have test to complete sentences. Its a little confuzsing, because some of words are new and its a bit difficult. But now i think i'm getting along to our tests and it seams not so hard, i try to do my best on tests. Also on English we have American Literature, our first topic was about Puritanism, about First American people which came to America. And now i know that Pilgrims were Puritanists befor of arriving to America. i'll write about this story later.
After it we read about their style of life, and i can say that they were not so wonderfull people. Now we are reading another long story, aso about Puritanists "The Crucible!". Its very interesting and of course difficult. On Tuesday we had test about first Act. And everyday our teacher Mrs. Carroll read it to us and we write notes the main things from the story. English is interesting and later i'll write a short retell about these stories!

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  1. Hello Madina
    Thanx for writing your Englishand Art lesson. It seems very interesting...
    Write everyhting which interesting and new to you and we are looking forward to your posts.

    with best wishes zebo