Monday, September 14, 2009

Second week at school!

At school after football game, we are happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Our school won the game!!!!!!!!!

It was very fun, i like American school!

The second week.
The second week at school, its still difficult a little’ because we have home work from different classes and sometimes I becoming confusing because I don’t know which lesson to do first. I’m making my homework and it is mix in my head. But I think soon it would be easy. I think that Westwood High school is the best school in whole Palestine, is the best school. On this week we had a project on our Art1 lesson, I like Art, this week we also had tests, it seams that we always have tests. And we always learn anything new and than we have test again. Now at school I got along more better, and I have friends not so much but, I find friends. And on this week I went to Interact club, its Mrs. Pell’s club. Interact club they make different community services, and I like community service and now I’m a member of interact club. So I want to go to another clubs too, I want to be active, but now I didn’t go to any other club but I will immediately. Our lessons sometimes becoming difficult but most of the time t not so hard, and teachers always help, sometimes I ask my teacher after lessons, they explain and than its more easy to understand. This Friday September 4th we had Pep Raly again like in the first week. But this Friday was 50’s day, and among the juniors I was winner and I got school t-shirt, it was cool. In the evening we had game with another school, and in this time our school was perfect winner, cause we won on many points, it was great. During the game I was standing up when our school was making goals and I was so happy.
Weekends were like usually. I was resting because during whole week I was tired very much and I needed to rest. So to weekends I was resting.

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