Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello everybody! Its me Madina. now i want to tell you a little about my departure from my country Tajikistan. So on July 22 we had an pre-departure orientation meeting. our representative told us everything about our flights, he explaned what to do in airports. On the july 23 were our departure from Tajikistan to Almaty. It was so interesting because we were waiting when we will be in America. At Almaty we stayed 12 hours, there we met other FLEX students from Kazakhstan, they were very nice students. And at night we went to Almaty airport where were our flight to Frankfurt, Germany. In Germany we met all other students from other countries it was fun, because we introduced with each other and now we are friends. than began our departure from Frankfurt to AMERICA, and its really was WONDERFUL, because we were going to America. But till the Washington i couldnt believe that i'm going to America. I thought that its just a dream and i'm sleeping. But when we went to Washington we go to one hotel there we spent one night and early in the morning we were in the airport of Washington. Some of pupils went to other states but the most of students flight to Chicago. Chicago students seperated because they had to go to different states. As for me i'm, Salomat , Dasha, Jemal were fliying from Chicago to Cincinnati city, Ohio. It was really cool. In the airport of Cincinnati we met our teacher Lew. And than i understood that i'm really in America. Honest to say we were flying in planes in common more than 20 hours because of it i tired of planes. Now i feel myself very good and i'll miss Cincinnati and people who live here, because soon i'll go to Texas.But now i am in Cincinnati its great.

I was really tired, we came to US, Washington DC its Great, but i was sleepy!


  1. Great post, Madina!!! Your writing is very good. Keep posting. You will not regret it when you look back on the year.

    Make sure to keep posting on your blog. Your parents and family can read it and know that you are okay! That is a good feeling--knowing that nobody is worried about you because they know what you're doing.

  2. yes, Madina, we're nice students :P =)