Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello everybody! My name is Madina i am Exchange student from Tajikistan! Now i'm in America and i'm very very happy because my dream came true. I want to say WOW its WONDERFUL i'm in America. And now i with another students stay in Cincinnati city, Ohio. I'm happy that we are in Ohio and we will stay here for two weeks than we will go to our states, as for me I'll go to Texas. But now we are in Cincinnati and its really cool . We have wonderful temporary families. I'm with Dasha living in John and Prari . Also they have one perfect baby Asher and i like them very much. Here we have very good teacher his name is Lew he is very nice person, i'm very glad that my placement organization is CIEE and that our teacher is Lew. Here i have a lot of good friends. And i like America and American people. Every day we have lessons and different new experiences. Lew teaches and help us how to live in America and how to make our English perfect. I'm very thankful to him. In the first day i couldn't believe that i'm in America but now i believe. I feel myself great! I'm HAPPY TO BE IN AMERICA!

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